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Our new podcast!

April 3, 2019

In our new podcast, Supporting writing with technology, a panel of education experts discuss the various obstacles to writing that children experience and offer top tips, strategies, and practical solutions that teachers and Special Education Lead Teachers can use with their students.

We were fortunate enough to be joined by Carol Allen, a School Improvement Advisor with over twenty years’ experience supporting children with special needs worldwide, Dr. Abi James, a Research Fellow and consultant on how technology can be used to overcome learning barriers, and Ann Crick, the co-founder of Crick Software and a former Special Education Lead Teacher at an elementary school.

In the first episode, “Practical strategies for real life writing challenges,” each of the panelists discuss an example profile of children with a common issue that they have come across and the steps they would take to help them.

This episode has been split into three parts because our panel had so much to talk about!

In part 1, Carol looks at the different methods and resources that can be used to support younger learners who struggle to generate ideas.

In part 2, Ann looks at two pieces of KS2 (2nd-5th grade) written work, with very different strengths and weaknesses, and suggests how we could help these students move onto the next stage of their writing development.

In part 3, Abi gives strategies to support a year 9 student (8th grade) with dyslexia who is faced with the additional pressures of exams and having a growing number of writing assignments expected of her.

You can find the episode here to listen to in your browser or download.

If you have any suggestions or topics you would like to hear our panel discuss, let us know either on Facebook, Twitter, or via

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