Clicker study - Wensum Junior School

Wensum Junior School in Norwich investigated the effectiveness of using Clicker to support pupils who find the writing process challenging. Both children with additional needs and those without were included in the study.

Work samples were gathered and analysed from 10 children. The positive effect of Clicker was evident in every sample; this was consistent across gender and ability.

Some key findings:

  • Pupils using Clicker saw the amount of words they could write in one writing session increase by 2.5 times, with almost three times the number of multi-syllabic words being used.

  • Use of Clicker resulted in a huge drop in grammar and spelling errors in pupils' work; almost three times fewer mistakes were made.

  • Pupils using Clicker worked more independently, with less reliance on additional teacher support.

  • Overall, pupils were able to produce a much higher level of writing, doubling the amount of legible sentences in their work when using Clicker.

"Our investigations have been overwhelmingly positive in favour of this intervention supporting an inclusive learning environment."

1. Multi-syllabic
2. Legible

"The volume of work they could produce began to improve, and with it came an extra layer of writing confidence."

3. Mistakes
4. Words

“Teachers reported a significant decline in incidents of help being requested by the children. During learning walks it was also very clear to see that children using Clicker had longer concentration time and were on task talking about their work - this is in contrast to the learning behaviour displayed by these children in previous terms. Additionally, the atmosphere in the classroom was calmer, with the teacher being able to access more children.”

Clicker received extremely positive
feedback from both teachers and pupils:

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Read the report in full here.