Clicker Writer

Help every child achieve writing success

Jump-start writing tasks

Clicker Writer Grids enable pupils to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers.

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Get speech feedback at every stage

Organise Ideas

Find words fast with intelligent word prediction

Record Voice Notes at any time

Harness the power of pictures

03 - Harness the power of pictures

Support the curriculum with free resources

Clicker Writer includes free access to LearningGrids, an ever-growing bank of ready-made writing grids. Our resources are created by experienced teachers and cover a wide range of curriculum topics.

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Assess pupil progress

08 - Analytics

Clicker Writer gives you a unique insight into each learner's writing process, helping you make informed decisions about their current support levels and most effective next steps.

(Use Clicker for Windows/Mac to access Analytics reports.)

Provide access for all

Change how Clicker Writer looks and acts to meet each child’s learning needs. Adjust the Predictor and speech settings, use high contrast colour schemes, or turn on our SuperKeys accessible keyboard.