Success stories

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‘We’ve embedded Clicker across the school, and not just for reading and writing; digital literacy is a major focus for the school, so we’re also using Clicker on 30 of our iPads.

The idea is to link everything together as part of the school’s digital literacy improvement focus and how we can use technology to enhance and support learning... We’ve already seen success with Clicker. I was working with a small group of children who have been studying the senses in their class and were putting all the information they had learnt into a leaflet. The children could add pictures or take photographs with their iPad to add to the document, and then annotating the images with the information. These are children that previously would not have been able to write much by themselves, but with Clicker were able to make colourful leaflets that their classmates were very envious of!’

- Sheila Robertson, Wallacestone Primary

‘Often children with disabilities have an aversion towards writing because their fine motor skills can be impaired, therefore they prefer typing. This is where Clicker fits in perfectly. It is a great iPad app for middle school students because it offers just the right amount of support with a more mature visual user experience... I highly recommend Clicker if you’re considering writing support apps for your students or for your own children. At the same time, Clicker helps strengthen expressive language skills, including narrative language, grammar, and syntax. It also minimizes writing frustration, helps students feel successful and encourages students to jump on the iPad and start writing.

Clicker will help increase your students’ excitement about writing and confidence in their writing and spelling skills!’

- Alex Bogorad, Middle School Speech-Language Pathologist


‘I’ve been using Crick Software products for many years, and I was really excited when the Clicker came out for the iPad.

Clicker transforms the iPad into a word processor that incorporates a wide range of support features for students who have challenges with the writing process, including auditory feedback as sentences are punctuated, phonetic, speech-supported word prediction, and customizable Word Banks.

The User Interface in Clicker is both intuitive and inviting to the students, and the ability to customize the environment to a student’s needs is critical for many of the students that I work with.’

- Dr. Brian Friedlander, AT Consultant

'I specialize in iPad-based literacy and communication strategies for children with Angelman Syndrome with a focus on engagement, motivation, and the development of early writing and comprehension skills.

Clicker is an ideal app to use because it is so flexible in terms of resource creation and ability-appropriate differentiation. I can quickly create beautifully personalized materials that are immediately engaging. Clicker is an ideal tool to support predictable chart writing activities, where a repeating sentence stem can be completed by the student with a choice of words. The QWERTY keyboard allows students to construct their own novel sentences and to scribble or explore “writing without standards”. The finished document is often a popular book for the student to choose for reading…

I use Clicker predominantly with children who have special needs, but I would recommend this app to anyone supporting emergent writers - its versatility enables you to provide developmentally appropriate writing supports for any student.’

- Erin Sheldon, AT Consultant