Clicker Books

Make curriculum content accessible for every learner with our engaging talking books

Help every child become an independent reader

01 - Help every child become an independent reader
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Instantly access hundreds of ready-made resources

Our LearningGrids team has created a fantastic bank of professional Clicker Books covering a wide range of curriculum topics, and they are always busy adding exciting new titles to the list! Head to Story Corner for beautifully illustrated traditional tales, myths and legends, as well as phonically decodable stories. If it’s non-fiction texts you’re after, explore our subject categories – including geography, history and science.

Personalise books with photos and videos

03 - Personalise books with photos and videos

Get creative with child-friendly book making

With Clicker Books, children can also create their very own books, complete with pictures, text, sound, and video. With the help of realistic speech feedback, word prediction and picture support, pupils can demonstrate their knowledge in a way that’s creative, accessible and fun. You can also provide subject-specific word and picture banks to scaffold writing tasks for learners who would benefit from more targeted support, enabling every child to produce independent work they are proud of, whatever their learning needs.

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