DocsPlus Universal for Chromebook

Share files via email

Most people are familiar with email, so it's a good way to share files every now and then.

For regular file sharing, consider using cloud storage instead.

Send a file

Files will be emailed from your Gmail account.

To send a Document:

  1. Tap the  dp-pwa-docs-w32h32  icon and choose Send As.
  2. Choose a file type:
    • DocsPlus Document - compatible with our software.
    • Microsoft Word Document - compatible with Microsoft Word and other writing tools.
    • Text File - simple plain text without formatting or pictures.
    • PDF - a "digital printout" that can be easily viewed on any device.
  3. A blank email will appear with your file attached.

To send a Wordbar:

  1. Tap the  dp-pwa-wordbar-w32h32  icon and choose Send As.
  2. A blank email will appear with your file attached.


  1. In Gmail, open the received email.
  2. Select the file attachment and choose Download.
  3. Save the file to your device or Google Drive.
  4. In DocsPlus, click  dp-pwa-explorer-w32h32  and choose My Files.
  5. Browse to your file and double-click it.
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