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Share files via AirDrop

You can use the AirDrop feature of your Mac to wirelessly exchange files with another Mac or an iPad.

Both devices must be within 9m (30ft) of each other, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on. The receiving device must have AirDrop set to Contacts Only or Everyone.

If you can't see the receiving device, please see Apple's guidance:

Send From Mac

  1. Save the file to a folder on your Mac.
  2. In Finder, right-click the file and choose Share > AirDrop.
  3. Select the receiving device.
  4. When it says Sent, click Done to finish.

Receive on Mac

When the AirDrop notification appears, click Accept. Your Downloads folder will open. Double-click the received file to open it.

Receive on ipad

When the AirDrop notification appears, tap Accept, and then tap the relevant app name to open it.

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