Clicker Writer

  • Some icons / menu items are dimmed out and the speech is disabled.

  • When using LearningGrids:

    • The website loads partially or not at all.
    • You receive errors saying An error has occurred in the script on this page.
    • When clicking Run Now / Open, nothing happens.
    • When clicking Run Now / Open, you receive a Loading error saying the item cannot be found or is corrupted.
  • When launching the app, you receive this error message:
    We occasionally need to check your subscription status. Unfortunately, there is a problem connecting to our server. Please check your Internet connection.

  • After tapping My Files and selecting Google Drive in the left pane, your files appear but are dimmed out and won't open.

  • Words highlight in sequence but aren't spoken aloud.

  • You can record but playback is silent and the Done button is dimmed out, so you're unable to finish.

  • You can't add a picture from your iPad's Photos because the list is blank.
    You can't take a photo with your iPad's camera because the image is black and the shutter button doesn't work.


Clicker Writer for iPad User Guide

To access the User Guide within the app itself, tap the top-right ( ? ) icon and choose Help.

How to Install on iPad

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