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How do I uninstall Clicker 7 from a network?

You would like to uninstall Clicker 7 from computers on your network.


If Clicker 7 was deployed using Group Policy, then it should be uninstalled using Group Policy (to prevent accidental reinstallation).

If this isn't possible (e.g. Clicker 7 was installed as part of a system image), you can use the Uninstall Clicker Tool to silently trigger the uninstallation of Clicker 7 on each computer:

  1. Download the Uninstall Clicker Tool below.
  2. Run the downloaded file and click Extract.
  3. Copy UninstallClicker.exe from the extracted folder to a network share on your server.
  4. Use a logon script, Scheduled Task, Group Policy, or similar to run the tool on each computer. It must be run with administrative privileges and the following parameter:

    e.g. \\<servername>\<sharename>\UninstallClicker.exe  /removeC7

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