Support students with special needs

In addition to extensive support for learners with reading and writing difficulties, Clicker offers unique benefits for students with a wide range of special needs.

Support for children with dyslexia

Support for children with autism

Support for children with low vision

Support for children with learning difficulties

Symbol support for children

Use Clicker with symbols to support students with special literacy or communication needs as they take part in reading, writing and communication activities. Adding one of the symbol sets available to use with Clicker (click here for pricing) provides support in the writer, spell checker, predictor and Clicker Sets.

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Support children with speech or language impairments

Support for children with Down Syndrome

Clicker is a valuable aid to learning for many students with Down Syndrome. It allows them to use their strengths in visual learning, and gives them the opportunity to practice their skills privately, reducing any fear of failure.

Download our PDF providing additional information on using Clicker to support children with Down Syndrome:

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Clicker and accessibility