Reviews and success stories

Julie Osherow

Special School District of St. Louis County

Julie Osherow is an AT Specialist with a focus on literacy support. She is using Clicker to support students with a wide range of special educational needs.

"If you don’t already have it, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend adding Clicker 7 to your AT toolbox – it is such a comprehensive tool for literacy, with features and customizations to suit all students, regardless of cognitive level or physical ability."

Garnock Community Campus

Garnock Community Campus

Julie Tipping is the Acting Principal at Garnock Community Campus. She told us how Clicker was being used as part of a school initiative to close the attainment gap and help disadvantaged students.

"The real success of Clicker has been the way that it gives our young people who struggle to access the curriculum due to literacy challenges the confidence that they really can produce extended pieces of writing. It’s such a motivational tool, and it’s really helping students to reach their potential."

Forehill_Primary_logo larger

Forehill Primary School

Jacqui Rodger tells us how Clicker 7 is making an impact on writing ability and enthusiasm at Forehill Primary School.

"The Clicker Board tool has been particularly great. I can teach the children to plan using the mind mapping tool, then use the spell checker, before making the Clicker Board into a Word Bank for their writing; they’re supporting themselves!"

01 Manor Academy

Manor Academy

Tracey Horne reveals how Clicker 7 is transforming attitudes to writing in this secondary special education school in Sale, England.

"The students are very proud of what they are able to accomplish with Clicker 7. Many actively disliked English before, because of the reading and writing aspect of the lessons and their inevitable struggle with it. However, they are now able to achieve something independently. Every student can now participate, even those with the biggest learning challenges..."


Colindale Primary School

Suzanne Lazarus shares how Colindale are using Clicker 7 to develop literacy skills across the school.

"I think if I was to sum up the impact Clicker 7 has on learning in our school, I’d say that Clicker makes writing a fun, exciting, and accessible experience for everyone, including reluctant and struggling writers. I would really urge other schools to consider using Clicker as their word processor of choice – it’s designed for children after all!"



SET-BC finds success with Clicker in supporting students’ academic engagement and achievement in an inclusive classroom.

““Write On …” describes the use of Clicker to support inclusion in the curriculum with both pre-made Clicker Sets and the creation of talking books. The talking books are illustrated using Clicker Paint, which is now an integral part of Clicker.”

16US Marisa

Marisa Kaplan

Marisa Kaplan talks about how she uses Clicker with 7-11 year olds to support vocabulary, spelling, planning, and revising.

“I have used this program primarily with students who struggle with writing, particularly in the areas of spelling, vocabulary and expansion of ideas. What I have found is that Clicker can take on various forms of support depending on the focus of the educator. When working with students on developing their writing skills, the first thing I do is set a focus point. This helps me isolate the skill we’re working on to set clear and specific goals for the learner. If my focus point is for the student to be able to use new vocabulary then Clicker takes on a different use than if my focus is on expanding writing using sensory details.”