Reviews and success stories

Fiona Tyler- Becky on stage

Fiona Tyler – mother of Becky, aged 14

Becky has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She has been using Clicker with a Tobii eye tracker since she was 7 years old!

“As Becky has grown, Clicker has grown with her. When she was younger she used it to produce many beautiful pictures. Now, it's her preferred tool for tackling curriculum writing tasks at school and at home.”

Willow Dene Special School

This video was recorded at Willow Dene School, where they are using Clicker extensively to help students access the curriculum and find their voice.
22US Maureen

Maureen Gates

Maureen Gates reports on how Clicker and EagleEyes technologies can be used for communication, using the eyes instead of a mouse or a switch.

“Clicker software allowed Michael’s teacher, Maureen Gates, to create Clicker grids with words and pictures with which Michael used to communicate. By moving his eyes, Michael would select words in the grid, then, a “dwell time click” would “highlight the words in the grid and print them in the Clicker Writer” communicating what Michael was thinking.”