Our Clicker universal licensing enables you to ‘mix and match’ Clicker licenses for your Windows/Mac machines with Clicker Apps licenses for your iPads and Chromebooks. For example, if you purchased a subscription for ’10 licenses’ of Clicker, this could be 10 licenses for Windows/Mac, or five for Windows/Mac and five for your iPads/Chromebooks etc…choose whichever combination works best for your school’s set-up. The licensing for Clicker (Windows/Mac) and Clicker Apps (iPad) is per device. Clicker Apps for Chromebook licenses are per user.

All licenses last for 3 years. Best value is the OneSchool Site License which enables you to install on an unlimited number of devices in your school AND includes home access for your students and teaching staff. It also includes personalized online training for your school.

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*Clicker@home provides home access for all students and staff to Clicker on Windows/Mac and Clicker Apps on iPad/Chromebooks.

Clicker Home User

If you’re a parent and want to use Clicker with your child, the Clicker Home User 1+1 product is licensed for home use and provides access to Clicker on two devices.

We also have payment options available - click here for more details.

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