Support for children with dyslexia

Clicker is the leading product for supporting elementary-age students with dyslexia.

It is a winner of many awards and is used in tens of thousands of classrooms. Its simplicity and flexibility make it highly effective across the elementary age range and curriculum.

"Our students are making great progress in their writing confidence, their knowledge of strategies to learn spellings, and their awareness of how to go about editing their own written work."

Kim Connor, Teacher

Help students organize and plan their writing

Provide point-and-click access to words

02 Build confidence

Enable children to capture ideas and rehearse their sentences

03 Capture ideas and rehearse sentences

Reinforce the link between spelling and sounds

03 Preview words before using them

Help students overcome spelling frustration

05 Overcome spelling frustration

Provide writing support grids tailored to each child’s learning needs

06 Tailor to each child's needs

Aid reading accuracy with Dyslexie font