National Literacy Trust report:

Teachers' use of technology to support literacy

The National Literacy Trust in the UK published a report exploring teachers’ use of technology to support literacy in the classroom. The survey received 219 responses from 166 schools. 

The participants highlighted the key ways that they felt technology could positively impact on children’s literacy learning:

NLT graph 1_US

However, despite these benefits, teachers said that a lack of investment in hardware, software and wifi, and inconsistent teacher training are the greatest barrier to supporting learning through technology in the classroom. You can access the full report via The National Literacy Trust website

Use of Clicker to support literacy learning

As part of their research, the trust completed a complementary report to find out how teachers are using our award-winning literacy support tool, Clicker.

Respondents highlighted Clicker’s impact on improving writing enjoyment, engagement and confidence; facilitating writing for those with poor motor skills; increasing writing self-regulation and resilience skills; and helping children with diverse needs take part in meaningful literacy practices.

"It helps amazingly with our SEN students; we are in the process of rolling it out across the school."Primary teacher, Cornwall, UK
“In terms of software, we couldn’t live without programs like Clicker and Clicker Docs. I use it all the time to support writing, and some students use Clicker on their laptop or with an adaptive mouse and keyboard. We also use Clicker Connect and Clicker Sentences. A range of children can really benefit from the way technology supports their communication."Teacher and technology consultant, East Midlands, UK
“Without Clicker my students simply couldn’t access literacy. Students with eye gaze and switches are able to write and access the resources made for everyone. My more able students benefit from the spell predictor, word banks and audio feedback. I am also an adviser for assistive technology and Clicker is my go to. There is no competition.” Special school teacher, Lincolnshire, UK

To read the full report, click on the Download button below.