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First, you’ll need to register your licenses and choose a password for your account.

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Find out how to install the software on your Chromebooks.

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Manage licenses

Find out how to monitor, allocate and transfer licenses to different devices.

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How can I share my Clicker files? 

You'd like to share your Clicker files between devices or send them to other people.

App NameWebsiteHow to Install / Trial
writer-app-w32h31  Clicker Writer for Chromebookhttps://clickerwriter.apps.cricksoft.comClick here
books-app-w31  Clicker Books for Chromebookhttps://clickerbooks.apps.cricksoft.comClick here
talk-app-w35h32  Clicker Talk for Chromebookhttps://clickertalk.apps.cricksoft.comClick here
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