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I can't delete files in Clicker 7's Explorer

When you right-click a file in Clicker Explorer, the Delete option is greyed out, or the following error message appears when you click it:
File cannot be deleted


If Delete is greyed out, it's because the file is in the Classes or Safe folder. This is done deliberately to prevent accidental deletion.

To delete files in these folders, browse to the files in Windows / Finder and delete them from there:

  1. In the top Options ribbon tab, click Program Management.
  2. Open the Folder Locations tab.
  3. Click the link next to Shared Clicker Files.
  4. Go into the Classes or Safe folder to delete the file(s).

If you get an error message when clicking Delete, it’s because you don't have permission to do so. Send the location of your Shared Clicker Files folder (see above) to your ICT Support and explain that you need full read / write permissions.

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6th November 2017
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6th November 2017
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  • Clicker 7

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