Clicker MFL: French

01 Learning French

Get primary pupils understanding, speaking, reading and writing in French with this innovative language learning series.

Learn essential vocabulary and structures

On each CD, pupils take part in a range of Clicker activities that involve active listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children are initially introduced to key words and sentences, which they then actively engage with in a range of corresponding activities. The activities build from simple reinforcement exercises to more open-ended comprehension activities as the pupil’s knowledge develops.

There are three titles in the Clicker MFL: French series:

French 1

02 Basic French

CD 1 introduces pupils to everyday vocabulary and sentence structures through a range of activities that incorporate reading and writing tasks, and include listening, speaking and spoken interaction.

French 2

03 Intermediate French

As pupils become more confident in their language skills, French CD 2 offers a further range of activities that build on the vocabulary and structures of CD 1.

French Stories

04 Learn French with stories

The French Stories CD encourages children to extend and develop their language learning in the context of well-known traditional tales - they become language detectives as they decipher the familiar stories in their new language.

Build language skills through listening and speaking

05 Build French skills

Develop confidence in reading and writing

06 French reading and writing

Feel assured and inspired!

07 French teaching notes

Create / extend your own activities

Extension ideas for each activity are also included to further cement learning and engage your pupils. Complete with a top quality French voice, a fully translated graphic library and a French spell checker. Create your own made-to-measure activities, from simple writing grids to talking books – it’s as easy as un, deux, trois!

08 Create your own activities
09 Create your own activities
10 Create your own activities

Powered by Clicker

Clicker MFL: French is an add-on resource for our reading and writing support tool Clicker 8, which is compatible with all modern Windows and Mac computers. In order to use Clicker MFL: French, you must have Clicker 8 installed.

Designed by experts

Our consultant on this series is Elaine Hampson. In addition to her French teaching expertise, Elaine has extensive teaching experience, including working with children with special needs.

Pricing and licensing

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