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  • Clicker Book - Jack and the Beanstalk

    Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn is a special school in Swansea for students ages 3-19. Earlier this year, the school’s Young Enterprise Group used Clicker 6 to create a fantastic Jack and the Beanstalk talking storybook. It’s narrated by actress Louise Jameson and also includes music and symbol support.

    Screenshot from Jack and the Beanstalk

    The group is selling a printed version of the book, with all proceeds going to Tŷ Hafan, one of the UK’s leading pediatric palliative care charities. Clicker 6 users can also download a free copy of the talking book by clicking here – please take a look at what these very talented students have put together. We also have a great ‘making of’ video provided by the students.

    If you have not yet purchased Clicker 6, you can look at Jack and the Beanstalk by downloading our Clicker 6 28-day free trial and then installing the book, or by watching this video.

    Here’s a great photo from the book launch, with special guest Bonnie Tyler!

    The Jack and the Beanstalk book launch

  • The new edition of Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom by Sally McKeown and Angela McGlashon is a practical guide outlining ideas and case studies which focus on the value of using technology in the classroom.

    Brilliant Idea 42 – Poetry pleases thanks to Clicker 6 describes how Becky Ludlow uses Clicker with the whole ability spectrum in her Year 4 class (equivalent to third grade in the US). As well as supporting those who struggle with reading and writing, Becky finds that Clicker helps her gifted and talented group to work on higher writing level skills such as restructuring and manipulating texts.

    Just some of the additional ideas for using Clicker, suggested by the authors include:

    • Create poetry activities with a Clicker set to support the targeted vocabulary.
    • Record into a Clicker book to enhance the writing process.
    • Use the predictor function to extend the written work and then read it back to ensure fluency.

    To find out more about how Becky’s school uses Clicker 6, watch the Moulton Primary School success story video on our website.

  • Clicker 6 Success Story Video

    We have a fantastic new success story video to share with you!

    West Oaks SEN Specialist School and College in Leeds, UK works with children with a really wide range of learning difficulties. They are using Clicker 6 throughout the school to support their students –

    "Without the arduous task of physically handwriting, our children are able to read and create sentences with real meaning. We can personalize activities with photographs, add symbol support; it’s absolutely perfect for developing this strand of literacy."

    Click here to watch the video and find out more about the impact Clicker is having on learning at West Oaks.

  • "How Do I?" Videos in Support

    Videos are an excellent way to provide both auditory and visual guidance on a subject, with the 90-Second Training videos in our training section proving very popular with customers.

    We have created more videos to demonstrate the answers to questions you may have about using Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps. These were previously posted on our Facebook page and can now be found within our Support section.

    To access the videos, click Support in the top menu, and then click How do I? for the relevant product.

    Here are some examples for Clicker 6:

    • How do I see when the spellcheck was used?

    • How do I use Word documents with Clicker 6?

    • How do I edit and save a keyboard?

    • How do I use symbols with Clicker?

    • How do I use Click and Edit books?

    • How do I easily alter multiple grids or pages with the master?

    • How do I paint on top of a webcam photo?

    If you have any other questions about using Clicker 6 please do give us a call or send an email to

  • Last month we ran our Twilight Seminars. These free events gave schools the opportunity to come and see Clicker 6 and our Clicker Apps in action!

    We had five twilight seminars spread over four states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. We had attendees from 42 schools. Some are already using Clicker, and some wanted to learn more about Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps.

    Here are some first-hand quotes from our attendees:

    “It just goes through the text and organizes it… Wow!”

    -    An attendee talking about the A-Z Word Bank Wizard in Clicker 6

    “It’s really simple!”

    -    An attendee referencing the Topic Word Bank Wizard in Clicker 6

    “Love how you can edit the LearningGrids resources.”

    -    An attendee mentioning our free resource library -

    “Excellent – those will be very helpful!”

    -    An attendee talking about our Clicker 6 90-Second Training videos and PDF hand-outs that we provide completely free on our website

    “That is smart.”

    -    An attendee referencing the Swipe Grids (on/off) function within the Clicker Apps

    If you missed us at our Seminars, please visit the Free Webinar section of our web page to attend one of our many informational webinars to learn more about Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps.                           

  • Training Videos

    Have you taken a look at our Clicker 6 90-Second Training Videos and printable step-by step guides available on our website? You will start by learning the basics of Clicker, and gain the knowledge needed to manage the software features by modifying the user preferences, and can learn how to create personalized, curriculum-specific activities in seconds.

    If you use Atomic Learning, you can also find the videos on the Clicker 6 section of their website, too.