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  • We’ve just received a lovely Clicker 7 success story from Fiona Tyler. Her daughter, Becky, has been using Clicker for a number of years now:

    “My daughter Becky is 14 years old. She is extremely bright and has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which affects her whole body. She cannot sit unsupported, stand or walk, so is a full-time wheelchair user. She struggles to coordinate her arms and hands and she cannot talk.

    Becky first started using Clicker when she was 5 years old. At first she accessed the program using a head switch, which was successful but rather slow going. Then, about 7 years ago, she started working with Tobii eye gaze technology, which was when things really took off!

    As Becky has grown, Clicker has grown with her. When she was younger she used it to produce many beautiful pictures. Now, it’s her preferred tool for tackling curriculum writing tasks at school and at home.

    It’s so important that Becky can just go into Clicker and get on with her work – she is able to keep up with her writing in class and needs much less help from her support assistant. It also makes the act of writing a lot less laborious than she has found it with other writing tools she’s tried, which ultimately makes for a much more motivating and enjoyable writing experience.

    Clicker 7 plays a big part in making literacy tasks accessible and achievable for Becky.”

    You can read more about how Becky uses Clicker here.

    Photo of Becky who has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy

  • Clicker Communicator Success Story

    We’ve just published a fantastic new Clicker Communicator success story!

    Nicola Saadati is a Speech and Language Therapist at Bridge College, a specialist college for 16-25 year olds with learning difficulties and disabilities, complex needs, communication disorders, and autism.

    Nicola had been looking for a new communication aid to support one of her students, an 18 year old with cerebral palsy. She wanted something motivating, easy to program, with a specific literacy support element – so she chose Clicker Communicator.

    “One of the key benefits I’ve noticed since he started using Communicator is how quickly and easily he can react to new scenarios and conversations as they happen, just adding in new vocab ‘on the fly’.

    Clicker Communicator is really helping him to develop his literacy skills in particular – he’s started to produce longer sentences, is trying to spell more difficult words like ‘excited’, is using more complex vocabulary, and incorporates more punctuation. His writing speed is increasing too.

    From my perspective, the app has saved me hours of preparation time – it’s so easy to use and to program. It’s also given me real peace of mind when the student is out doing his work experience; I’m confident he will be able to spontaneously communicate and chat when put on the spot with a new person or scenario outside of the college.

    I’m so glad we found Clicker Communicator – it’s a fantastic communication tool for educational settings like ours.”

    You can read Nicola’s success story in full on our website.

  • Clicker 7 Success Story – Manor Academy

    Manor Academy is a secondary special education school in Sale, England for children with moderate learning difficulties and autism. They have been using Clicker 7 to support learners who are struggling with their reading and writing.

    Head of English, Tracey Horne, has given us some great feedback on how her students have been using Clicker 7!

    “We use Clicker a lot for class topic work. For example, when we are studying a novel, we can use Clicker to develop students’ understanding of the story in so many different ways. We are able to create sentence building sets, key word banks, story recollections, sequencing activities, character explorations…whatever best suits that student’s particular learning objectives and ability level.

    One of our favorite new tools in Clicker 7 is the Clicker Board planning area. Lots of our staff are using this across the school and in many different subjects. It’s a great way to introduce new topics and vocabulary, and a really useful document for students to refer back to. We have a lot of students that come up with great ideas, but forget them when it comes to writing them down; Clicker Board is a fantastic way to capture these!

    The students are very proud of what they are able to accomplish with Clicker 7. Many actively disliked English before, because of the reading and writing aspect of the lessons and their inevitable struggle with it. However, they are now able to achieve something independently. Every student can now participate, even those with the biggest learning challenges, albeit with a lot of support. Some simply couldn’t share their knowledge and ideas with us before in written form, now they can!

    I think what’s really key is that it’s not us recording their thoughts or doing it for them, the students are able to do it themselves, which is a real confidence booster.”

    You can read Tracey’s success story in full on our website.

  • Clicker 7 Success Story

    We have a lovely new success story to share with you from Apley Wood Primary School!

    Vice Principal Ellen Smith has been telling us all about the progress her struggling writers have been making since they started using Clicker 7:

    “We initially purchased a 40 Computer License to use with our cohort of children with special needs who need some extra help to get started with their writing; children with dyslexia, struggling spellers, and those students who can articulate their ideas very well but find it really tricky to get them down on paper.

    The children use Clicker in English, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science - the teachers are able to create differentiated learning resources for them based on their lesson content, which enable those students to access the curriculum and participate in the same way as their peers. We’ve also found Clicker’s new Word Pool feature really useful for those children who have a specific way of misspelling certain words – the fact that we can add these spellings into Clicker to ensure the word predictor suggests the correct word is making targeting spelling intervention a lot simpler.

    A big success for us has been using Clicker 7 to support the ‘Big Write’ sessions we have every week. Certain students were simply unable to access this activity, or were getting very little down. Now they are producing much more substantial pieces of work, which is having a really positive effect on their confidence and attitude to writing.”

    You can read the success story in full on our website.

  • Colindale Primary School in London, England is using Clicker 7 extensively to develop students’ literacy skills, and are experiencing real success. Inclusion Leader Suzanne Lazarus shares her experiences with us:

    “Clicker is used in a variety of ways across the school. Our ELL staff view Clicker as an essential day-to-day resource. It plays a key support role in our literacy and topic lessons, and I use it on a weekly basis with my boosters writing group, which supports children who are falling behind in literacy. A lot of teachers are also using the new Clicker Board tool for whole class planning and mind mapping…

    For me, what’s great about Clicker is its flexibility. Some children need specific fonts, colors, and settings; others just need access to a key word bank and the predictor. Having just one tool that you can tailor to each learner’s literacy needs makes differentiation so much more straightforward.

    I think if I was to sum up the impact Clicker 7 has on learning in our school, I’d say that Clicker makes writing a fun, exciting, and accessible experience for everyone, including reluctant and struggling writers. I would really urge other schools to consider using Clicker as their word processor of choice – it’s designed for children after all! Just having access to the speech feedback, the predictor, and some key topic words can make such a huge difference.”

    You can read the success story in full on our website

  • Amanda Mikulsky is an Occupational Therapist in Wisconsin who first learned about Clicker Communicator at the Closing The Gap Conference.

    She and her co-workers have fallen in love with the simplicity of the app and the way that it has increased student participation in school:

    “The first student that I tried Clicker Communicator with was the little kindergartener that I had been working with. This day we were learning about shapes in the community so I had prepared a set for her with all different shapes. As the teacher asked the students to identify a stop sign she gasped! She tapped the picture of the octagon on the iPad and, for the first time, raised her hand to answer the teacher. Tears filled my eyes as the teacher called on her and she made the iPad speak. She was able to participate in the lesson just like her peers. She beamed! Her entire body was happy! And now, just a little over a month later she is able to go in and navigate the app completely independently.

    We are using Clicker Communicator with so many children now that we have it on all our iPads…we have some teachers and speech pathologists using the app with learners all the way up through high school level. They are seeing success with students who have not had success with any other app that we have tried.

    Clicker Communicator is allowing teachers and parents to unlock what is in these children’s heads. They are finally able to tell us about their day and about their inner thoughts. They have all of these wonderful thoughts; we just needed Clicker Communicator to unlock them.”

    You can read the success story in full on our website.

  • Using our Apps in Exams

    Did you know that lots of schools are using our apps to support children who need special access arrangements in exams? At Rossett School in Harrogate, England, the WriteOnline App is being used as an electronic scribe by a number of students:

    “We have around 15 students across the grades using WriteOnline at the moment, including four of our 10th graders, who will be using the app in some of their upcoming examinations...we confirmed that the WriteOnline App met the scribe criteria.

    Their recent practice exams were a real success; one particular student got a ‘C’ on one of his practice exams, which we’re really pleased with as it would simply not have been possible without the help of WriteOnline. If he had handwritten it, the examiner would have struggled to recognize anything, and he certainly wouldn’t have done as well with a human scribe – he’s really good at typing and likes to work independently so the app really plays to his strengths.

    WriteOnline is also a very inclusive option in terms of supporting the students on a day-to-day basis in the classroom. Without it, a lot of these students would need a teacher or an aide to help them write, and this can make them feel singled out from their peers. The support the iPad offers is more subtle, and in general the other students are very accepting of it.

    WriteOnline is our access method of choice for struggling writers, without a doubt.” 

    Click here to read the success story in full.

  • New Clicker 6 Success Story – Teach the Teacher!

    Elaine Blake, a teacher at Highfield School, a school designated for learners in the 11-19 year old age group with severe learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and complex needs, has had great success using Clicker 6 with her students. She was able to get her students using Clicker 6 very quickly and easily by having them help her create a training guide and teach their teachers how to use it!

    "We tested our training guide on one of the school’s teacher assistants – they thought it was brilliant. Then, another staff member asked if we could help them to learn about Clicker, and another…. Since then, we have trained 30 members of staff in the Clicker basics, including the Principal and the Assistant Principal.

    The way the training works is that a teacher will book a 30 minute session with us, during which we pair up some student trainers to support them. Our more confident readers will take charge of relaying the instructions to their staff trainee, while another student points out the relevant areas on the screen to them. The staff member then fills out a training evaluation form and receives a training certificate, both of which have been created by my students"

    You can read Elaine’s success story in full here.

  • Clicker Book - Jack and the Beanstalk

    Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn is a special school in Swansea for students ages 3-19. Earlier this year, the school’s Young Enterprise Group used Clicker 6 to create a fantastic Jack and the Beanstalk talking storybook. It’s narrated by actress Louise Jameson and also includes music and symbol support.

    Screenshot from Jack and the Beanstalk

    The group is selling a printed version of the book, with all proceeds going to Tŷ Hafan, one of the UK’s leading pediatric palliative care charities. Clicker 6 users can also download a free copy of the talking book by clicking here – please take a look at what these very talented students have put together. We also have a great ‘making of’ video provided by the students.

    If you have not yet purchased Clicker 6, you can look at Jack and the Beanstalk by downloading our Clicker 6 28-day free trial and then installing the book, or by watching this video.

    Here’s a great photo from the book launch, with special guest Bonnie Tyler!

    The Jack and the Beanstalk book launch

  • New Clicker Docs Success Story

    We have recently posted a new Clicker Docs success story to our website. Alex Bogorad is an SLP based in Northern California who works mainly with students with Autism and learning disabilities. She has been using Clicker Docs with two students in particular, with tremendous results.

    Alex explains how Monica*, a 7th grader with dyslexia, has been using Clicker Docs: “During Monica’s entire educational career there has been an adult hovering over her for support. It’s wonderful to see her new found independence. The best part is watching her press the “speak all” button to hear her entire piece read out loud. She sits back in her chair and beams proudly.”

    Alex also works with a 7th grader with intellectual disabilities. “With Clicker Docs, Gretchen* is writing without prompts for the first time. In addition, her syntax, tense usage, and punctuation have improved. By using Clicker Docs, Gretchen is experiencing independence that she has never felt before! Gretchen’s parents have also purchased Clicker Docs to help support her at home.”

    You can read Alex’s success story in full here.

    *Names have been changed.

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