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  • Using Clicker 7 at Home

    As part of the Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool License, teachers and students can install Clicker 7 on their home computers.

    I work for a school. How do we give Clicker 7 to teachers and students?

    If the school has purchased a Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool  License, you can request serial numbers for teachers and students to use at home:

    1. Ensure the school's Clicker 7 serial number is registered by visiting
    2. Email with your school name, serial number, and the number of licenses your require.

    We’ll provide a single PDF containing letters for you to print and hand out. Each letter contains a unique Clicker 7 Single Computer serial number, along with information about Clicker 7 and where to download the installer.

    We recommend requesting smaller batches of serial numbers over time, so they’re easier to keep track of.

    I’m a parent. How can my child get Clicker 7 at home?

    Please contact your child’s school to check whether they’ve purchased a Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool License.

    If they have, they can provide you with a letter containing your own Clicker 7 Single Computer serial number and a download link.

    If they haven’t, you can purchase a discounted Clicker 7 @home License by visiting

  • Using our Apps in Exams

    Did you know that lots of schools are using our apps to support children who need special access arrangements in exams? At Rossett School in Harrogate, England, the WriteOnline App is being used as an electronic scribe by a number of students:

    “We have around 15 students across the grades using WriteOnline at the moment, including four of our 10th graders, who will be using the app in some of their upcoming examinations...we confirmed that the WriteOnline App met the scribe criteria.

    Their recent practice exams were a real success; one particular student got a ‘C’ on one of his practice exams, which we’re really pleased with as it would simply not have been possible without the help of WriteOnline. If he had handwritten it, the examiner would have struggled to recognize anything, and he certainly wouldn’t have done as well with a human scribe – he’s really good at typing and likes to work independently so the app really plays to his strengths.

    WriteOnline is also a very inclusive option in terms of supporting the students on a day-to-day basis in the classroom. Without it, a lot of these students would need a teacher or an aide to help them write, and this can make them feel singled out from their peers. The support the iPad offers is more subtle, and in general the other students are very accepting of it.

    WriteOnline is our access method of choice for struggling writers, without a doubt.” 

    Click here to read the success story in full.

  • Word Pool in Clicker 7

    Have you ever typed a word – perhaps a student’s name – into Clicker and found the pronunciation is wrong? “Siobhan” is a good example – it’s pronounced incorrectly, and it’s also squiggly underlined as a spelling error.

    There’s a simple answer to this in Clicker 7: just add the word to the Word Pool. This automatically adds the word to the spell checker (so no more red underlines), and to the predictor. In the case of “Siobhan”, we also need to teach Clicker how to say it – just try a phonetic spelling, click “Try,” and make changes if it’s not quite right.


    If students are often misspelling a word, you add these to the “Common misspellings” box to ensure the spell checker knows about them.

    That’s it!  If you’re on a network, your Word Pool is automatically saved centrally so that it will work no matter which computer you are using.

  • Easter

    At last it’s starting to feel a bit more like spring, and as Easter approaches, take a moment to check out our new Easter resources for Clicker which have just been published to the LearningGrids website.

    A brand new set of resources, which include beautiful illustrations based on the theme of an Easter egg hunt, follows a group of children as they try to find the hidden eggs. There’s an engaging reading book, as well as a variety of different activities to use with the book, such as sentence building, matching, and speaking. Children can even create their own version of the story using the Make a Book set. The story text focuses on simple sentences which include prepositions, so children can use Easter Egg Hunt - Prepositions to practice using prepositions of place in sentences themselves.

    We also have a range of Easter egg sets which focus on colors – children can read, talk about, and write about the colored eggs.

    For older students, keeping with the spring theme, why not try out our Spring Haiku set and get your developing writers expressing their creative side on the joys of the season!


    For all of these resources and many more, see our LearningGrids website.

  • SuperKeys wins BETT Award!

    The BETT Awards are considered the ‘Oscars’ of Educational Technology, so we’re really excited to have won the 2016 BETT Special Needs Award for SuperKeys.

    SuperKeys - keyboard

    There are lots of children (and adults too) who have physical difficulty in using a keyboard. A typical computer keyboard has more than 60 keys, an iPad keyboard has 38, and even an iPhone has 33.

    For some, this means the keys are too small and too close together for reliable access. One solution is to buy a big keyboard with extra-large keys, but what if you’re using an on-screen keyboard?

    That’s the problem we set out to solve, and SuperKeys is what we came up with. We decided to cluster the keys together and then zoom in on the cluster when it’s tapped or clicked. The inclusion of an extra-large, context-sensitive predictor makes this a very accessible and efficient way to write.

    Superkeys - predictor

    SuperKeys is a standalone keyboard app for iPad and iPhone, where you can easily configure the colors, the predictor size, and more to suit an individual’s needs. The SuperKeys access method is also included as an option in Clicker Connect, Clicker Docs, and Clicker Communicator, and in Clicker 7, where SuperKeys works with your grids too.