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  • Editing Grids Faster than Ever with Clicker 7

    The release of Clicker 7 is exciting for many reasons, but I have a personal excitement because this is the very first software release during my time at Crick Software.  It has been thrilling to show Clicker 6 lovers what is new in Clicker 7 and to hear their reactions.  The feature that has gotten the most gasps from our customers has to be the ability to edit a Sentence Set while it is open in run mode.  This does not sound very impressive at first, but let me explain.

    First, create a Sentence Set by using the wizard, which is a great way to save time. Just type in or paste your sentences. Once this has been completed, select On Grid for the Model option. Now the grids are created!


    Here is where jaws drop. If you want to add a word to the model sentence, you could go back into edit mode and add the word but if you are working with a group of students or in a rush before the bell rings, you want a faster option.  By hitting ‘Shift’ on the keyboard and then clicking on the model, you now have a flashing cursor that will allow you to edit this cell. 


     After you have made your desired changes, hit ‘Enter’ on the keyboard and magic happens! The cells under the model update to reflect the new model sentence.

    Everyone who I have shown this feature to loves it! It is fast, it is easy, and it allows for teachers to customize the same grid for different lessons or for different students. All you need to remember is shift and click.

  • ATIA 2016 is taking place from February 3rd – 6th at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, and TCEA is taking place from February 3rd – 5th at the Austin Convention Center in Texas, and we can’t wait to show you Clicker 7, the brand new version of our much-loved software!

    We will also be showcasing WriteOnline and our range of iPad® apps, including the newest addition, our AAC app – Clicker Communicator.

    Clicker Communicator and our assistive keyboard, SuperKeys, were shortlisted for the Bett Awards 2016 in the ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions category. We are excited to announce that SuperKeys won the award last night!

    If you aren’t able to make it this year we’d be happy to send you a copy of our new 2016 catalog, which contains the most up-to-date information on our entire range of products, including pricing for Clicker 7 and WriteOnline. To arrange for a catalog to be sent out to you please call us at 203 221 2607 or email your request to

  • Installing Clicker 7

    Whether you’re upgrading from a previous version, or this is your first Clicker purchase, follow these steps to ensure a successful Clicker 7 installation.


    The first step is to register your serial number, which can be found on the back of the DVD holder.

    This enables us to locate your serial number upon request if it becomes lost in the future, effectively safeguarding your purchase. It’s also required to manage your licenses.

    To register, visit

    Previous Versions

    To avoid potential problems, we recommend uninstalling any old Clicker versions first. This won’t delete any saved work.

    To help with uninstalling, you can use the Clicker Uninstall Tool (see Clicker 7 > Download updates in our Support section).

    Please note: if you purchased Clicker 7 at a discounted upgrade price, you are no longer licensed to use Clicker 6.


    There are several ways to install Clicker 7:

    • Standalone – install to a single computer.
      The Shared Files folder will be local.
    • Network – run setup.exe on your server to generate a unique MSI package for deployment to multiple computers.
      The Shared Files folder will be on the network.
    • System Image – run setup.exe on your server to generate a unique MSI package. Install the MSI to your image. After the image is deployed, activate Clicker 7 on each computer via command line (see our Support section).
      The Shared Files folder will be on the network.

    Full instructions are provided on the Clicker 7 DVD and in our Support Section.


    Clicker 7 requires activating before it can be used so that a license can be assigned to the computer.

    Typically, this happens automatically over the Internet during installation. If this fails, Clicker 7 will require activation when launched. You can retry activating over the Internet, or you can visit our activation website (on another device if necessary). Unlike Clicker 6, you don’t need to be logged in as an administrator to activate Clicker 7.

    Backwards Compatibility

    Clicker 7 is backwards compatible with Clicker 6 files.

    Therefore, you can continue using work saved in Clicker 6, along with any symbol sets and “Powered by Clicker” resources that were purchased for Clicker 6.

    Clicker 7 is not compatible with Clicker 5 files.

  • Clicker 7

    It’s always great to release a new product, but with Clicker 7 I’m especially excited. We’ve been working on it for over 2 years and the result is significantly more support for writing, huge accessibility improvements, and a new way of editing Clicker Sets that makes this the easiest version of Clicker yet!

    More support for writing

    Clicker 7 Voice Notes

    A particular favorite of mine is the new Voice Notes. It’s very simple – at any point in the document a student can record a Voice Note with just two clicks. It’s a great way for children to say aloud what they’re going to write in their next sentence. Voice Notes appear in the margin, meaning they can be played back at any time, and they’re automatically saved with the document.

    Another tool that helps children to think about what they are going to write is Clicker Board. It’s great for brainstorming words, which can be linked or moved around anywhere on the page, along with pictures and sounds. As well as being a valuable planning tool for students, it’s great to use on whiteboard – you can even turn your board into a word bank to support writing!


    Clicker 7 and SuperKeys

    SuperKeys is a new way of providing keyboard and grid access for children who find it difficult to target small areas with the mouse or touch screen. We first implemented it on iPad®, and it’s been so popular that we had to add it to Clicker 7 too. And in Clicker 7, you can use SuperKeys with any access method – it works as well with eye gaze as it does with mouse or touch.

    Secondly, we are always being asked for eye-gaze access, and we’re delighted to have achieved it in Clicker 7. The pointer locks on to a cell while it is being selected, eliminating any distracting wobble and providing a visual indication of the timer. Clicker 7 is a great way for eye gaze users to take their first steps with reading and writing.

    Easiest Clicker Sets ever 

    Clicker 7 and Clicker Sets

    Everyone who has seen Clicker 7 demonstrated has been blown away by this! We’ve made it as easy to edit Clicker Sets as it is in the apps. For example, when you create a Sentence Set (by just typing or pasting your sentences), Clicker knows that it’s a Sentence Set. So whenever you want to make a change, Edit View shows you the relevant options – where you want the model sentence, how you want the words ordered, etc.

    The same goes for Connect Sets and Word Banks. No complicated Edit Mode – just the relevant options are shown, making it incredibly easy for teachers and teacher assistants to edit and create Clicker Sets on the fly to help students with the topic they are writing about at that moment.

    We’re really looking forward to showing Clicker 7 at BETT in London and ATIA in Orlando – we hope to see you at the booth!