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  • New App Review and More

    Jill Goodman has just reviewed Clicker Connect on

    “Crick Software must have really liked the reviews I did of their apps because they created Clicker Connect especially for my own autistic son. Or so it seems…It makes it possible for a child with very modest language and limited literacy to actually compose an original paragraph…The app allows kids to participate in journaling and expressing themselves in ways not possible before. It relies on taps so poor handwriting and difficulty typing with accuracy don’t stand in the way of kids writing.”

    You can read the full review on our website.

    Don’t forget to read through the reviews we’ve had of our other apps - Clicker Sentences, Clicker Docs, Clicker Books, and Clicker Communicator.

    Clicker Sentences conveniently saves all work instantly so it is impossible to lose his efforts! He can do all this cuddled up on the sofa, again it doesn’t feel like homework! We then save the sentences as a Clicker Document and email it to his teacher and sometimes print it out.” – Inka Clark, Parent

    “One of my favorite features in Clicker Docs is the way you can create custom Word Banks for use with particular topics and focus areas. It’s a huge benefit for both teachers and students that you can simply copy and paste text from any source and create an alphabetized Word Bank with just a few taps.” – Dr. Brian Friedlander, AT Consultant

    “When students are using Clicker Books, they are totally engaged. We can get them to write…Recently we created books about Ancient Greece, easily copying and pasting images to create the title page from the Internet, and then bringing in text from research. Currently, students are working on creating books about the Olympics.” Donna Schneider, AT Specialist

    Communicator has some of the easiest editing features that I have played with. You can literally type a list of words in, hit enter, and it will send the words to buttons — and add pictures for you. I’m now so in love with their way of adding words and pictures that I feel frustrated when I open other apps and have to add words button-by-button.”  Audra Vanderland, Special Education Teacher and Parent

  • Did you Know? – Clicker 6 Document Tips

    Here are some useful hints and tips for Clicker 6 customers!

    Did you know you can customize the Predictor?

    The Predictor in Clicker 6 is highly versatile and can be customized to offer tailored word prediction.

    To do this, open the Options menu, click User Preferences and switch to the Predictor tab. You can choose the level of prediction, keyboard shortcuts, and whether to use SoundsLike (phonetic) prediction.

    If you click Custom Level, you have fine control over every aspect. You can choose:

    • how many predictions to show in the list
    • the font style and color
    • the size of the word database
    • to filter out shorter words
    • to predict words from open Clicker Sets
    • to predict the next word

    By default, the Predictor follows the text cursor. You can make it stationary by dragging it elsewhere. To have it move again, drag it back onto the text cursor.

    Did you know you can see what spellings were corrected in a Document?

    To analyze the Document, open the Document menu and click Document Analysis.

    The Statistics tab shows data about words, characters and sentences in the Document.

    The Spelling Corrections tab shows an alphabetical list of misspelt words that were corrected by the Spellchecker. You can see where the misspelling occurred by clicking the + sign next to the word.

    Did you know you can open and save Microsoft Word Documents in Clicker 6?

    Microsoft Word Documents are usually configured to open with Microsoft Word when clicked. However, they can also be opened in Clicker 6.

    To do this, open the Document menu, click Open Document, browse to your Microsoft Word document, select it and click Open. Please note: some features of Microsoft Word are not supported in Clicker (such as tables) and will therefore not appear.

    You can also save a Clicker Document as a Microsoft Word Document.

    To do this, open the Document menu, click Save Document As, click the Save as type: box and choose Microsoft Word Document (*.docx).

    To always save as a Microsoft Word Document, open the Options menu and click User Preferences. On the Document tab, click the Default filetype: box and choose Microsoft Word Document.

  • Accessibility in Clicker Apps

    We want all children to benefit from our apps, including those with motor control difficulties for whom technology is vital for accessing the curriculum.

    SuperKeys is our unique access method for children who find it difficult to accurately target small areas on the screen; for example, keys on a keyboard or cells in a Clicker Grid.  When you turn SuperKeys on in the app’s accessibility settings, keys and cells are grouped into clusters.  Just tap the cluster containing the item you want, then tap the item.

    SuperKeys example

    SuperKeys is proving hugely popular for children with mild to moderate physical challenges – compared to switch access it’s fast, direct, and very easy to learn.  SuperKeys is an option in Clicker ConnectClicker Docs and Clicker Communicator, and for accessing other apps we have a standalone SuperKeys keyboard app.

    Clicker Connect and SuperKeys example

    Children who are unable to use SuperKeys can use switch access.  We’ve optimized the scanning to make it as simple as possible - only the most important items are scanned, and grids are scanned in a logical order.  We’ve also created a new guide to setting up switch access.

    There are other options in all the apps to help users with motor control difficulties. We know that if a user’s finger moves while tapping, the iPad may ignore the tap, treating it as the start of a swipe instead.  To prevent this, turn off Swipe Grids in the app’s Accessibility settings.

    Finally, the Show Touches option highlights each place that you tap.  This is great when you’re demonstrating the app too!

    Thanks  to everyone that’s given us feedback and helped us to make Clicker Apps accessible to all!

  • Colorful Semantics

    Some of our recent Clicker Communicator resources use the Colorful Semantics color-coding system. This simple system is designed to help students learn the important elements of a sentence and how to join these elements together in the correct order. They learn to associate different “types” of words with different colors to help them to gradually build sentences in stages, adding increasing detail of up to five components (who, what doing, what, where, and describe) as their confidence and competence grows.

    See People at Work – Clothes and People at Work – Tools for simple three-step (who, what doing, what) sentence building tasks in which students can write about the clothes or tools associated with different workers.

    In Story Character Actions, students work with four steps, creating sentences about traditional story characters which give details about who (the subject), what they were doing (the verb), what (the object), and where (prepositional phrase). Similarly, in At Home they can create four-step sentences about activities around the home.

    In each activity, students can compose a number of sentences, choosing freely from each column if they wish – although they may create "nonsense” sentences, they should still see that their sentences are grammatically correct by selecting from each column in the right order.

    The Colorful Semantics system is particularly useful for those students who:

    • may have a reduced vocabulary
    • struggle with word order
    • have speech difficulties
    • are learning English as an additional language
    • are visual learners

    Of course, as we start the new school year, we’ve got lots of other curriculum resources to help you and your students get back into the swing of things this September and ready to face the challenges of the year ahead. Search on LearningGrids for all these resources and more!

  • Funding Options for the New Year

    School is back in full swing and that means a new year, new friends, and new materials to assist learning. We have several pages on our website that can help you with funding.

    Funding Home Page: This page gives an overview of what you need to know to start your funding research.

    Guidelines:  Learn the process of a grant application and tips on how to fill out all the sections completely. You can even access tips to increase your chances of writing a successful application here.

    Federal Funding Sources: Use this page to learn the difference between competitive and noncompetitive funding sources. This page also suggests which products of ours fit the funding program’s focus so that you can tailor your application accordingly.

    Product Information: This section provides you with information about Clicker 6 and WriteOnline. From here, information sheets may be printed or downloaded to submit with your funding application. These reference sheets contain information on pricing, licensing, research and success stories.

    Price List: If you are applying for a competitive grant you will need to provide a sample budget. This page has the pricing and licensing information for our products so that your proposed budget can be as accurate as possible.

    The Apple Volume Purchase Program: Here is another great way to save! The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) was designed for schools and allows you to receive a 50% discount when purchasing 20 or more of the same app. This is a great way to purchase for an entire classroom or school!

    Clicker Apps Bundle:  There is a way to save on less than 20 apps too.  It is called the Clicker App bundle and it allows you to purchase all four Clicker apps together for one price. This is equivalent to purchasing three of the apps and getting the fourth free.

    If you need more information about our products or our company for your funding application, do not hesitate to contact us.