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  • Saving Time with LearningGrids Resources

    LearningGrids is our website you can access from within Clicker that provides hundreds of pre-made activities created by our curriculum team. They are extremely valuable because they can save you a lot of time in terms of resource creation. There are two in particular that I have found can be used over and over in a variety of ways. The first is called Missing Nouns, which is designed as a cloze activity. It only takes seconds to download, and then can be changed and differentiated for your students. You can change the text, the position of the missing word in the sentence, and the pictures, either by searching the Crick Picture Library or adding your own. Because the writing frame is already created for you, there is no need to start from scratch. You can use this activity as your cloze template, significantly decreasing your teacher prep time. 


    The second activity is called Gravity and Air Resistance Investigation. It is a science writing frame with three grids: a Frame tab, a Words tab, and an Objects tab. The Frame tab is a writing frame with the first cell containing a sentence stating the objective, and 4 cells containing sentence starters. The Words tab is a word bank with gravity related vocabulary, and the Objects tab has pictures of the objects used in the experiment. This activity can be used for any science investigation because you can very easily change the objective, the vocabulary in the word bank, and the pictures. It is sometimes difficult to motivate students to write about science, but using this activity as a template will definitely start them on their way!


     See for more resources – we add to them every few weeks so keep checking back for new ideas!

  • New Clicker 6 Success Story – Teach the Teacher!

    Elaine Blake, a teacher at Highfield School, a school designated for learners in the 11-19 year old age group with severe learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and complex needs, has had great success using Clicker 6 with her students. She was able to get her students using Clicker 6 very quickly and easily by having them help her create a training guide and teach their teachers how to use it!

    "We tested our training guide on one of the school’s teacher assistants – they thought it was brilliant. Then, another staff member asked if we could help them to learn about Clicker, and another…. Since then, we have trained 30 members of staff in the Clicker basics, including the Principal and the Assistant Principal.

    The way the training works is that a teacher will book a 30 minute session with us, during which we pair up some student trainers to support them. Our more confident readers will take charge of relaying the instructions to their staff trainee, while another student points out the relevant areas on the screen to them. The staff member then fills out a training evaluation form and receives a training certificate, both of which have been created by my students"

    You can read Elaine’s success story in full here.

  • Did you know? – Clicker 6 Tips

    Did you know you can add hyperlinks to Documents and Clicker Sets?

    To add a hyperlink to a Document, select the desired text, open the Options menu and choose Hyperlink.

    To add a hyperlink to a cell within a Clicker Set:

    1. Enter Edit Mode (click Edit Clicker Set in the bottom-left corner).
    2. Click the desired cell to select it.
    3. In the top toolbar, switch to the Open tab.
    4. Click Choose and choose Open a webpage.

    Did you know you can hide tools and change their size?

    To do this, open the Options menu, choose User Preferences and switch to the Look and Feel tab.
    This tab lists all the tools that appear in the Document Toolbar and above grids. To show/hide a tool, click it. To make tools bigger or smaller, choose a size in the Tools and Tabs Size drop-down box. Changes are applied after clicking OK.

    Did you know you can create user profiles?

    Do your learners not have their own Windows/Mac accounts? Would you like to tailor Clicker 6 to certain grades or classes? Do any of your learners have specific accessibility requirements?

    Once you’ve configured Clicker 6 a certain way, you can export those settings as a user profile, which can be easily selected when Clicker 6 starts.

    To export a user profile, open the Options menu, hover on Import and Export and click Export User Options. Type a relevant name and click Save.

    To load a user profile, click the User drop-down box in the top-right corner of the Quick Start window.

    Top tip: when trying this out, a good setting to change is the tools size (see above), as you’ll see them change size when you load your user profile.