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  • New Clicker Sentences Review

    We recently posted a review of Clicker Sentences on our website from BridgingApps, Easter Seals Greater Houston.

    “We cannot say enough about this app. Clicker Sentences is a proven literacy support tool made specifically for the iPad and created with the users in mind. It is not only easy to create on; it provides a platform for young and struggling writers to gain both skills and confidence as they move forward.”

    You can read the review in full, here.

  • Science and Clicker Books

    Using Clicker Books on the iPad® offers real opportunities for young children to work scientifically. By directly linking photos and voice, they can use the tool to record their findings as they identify, describe, and observe within their topics.

    For example in looking at everyday materials:

    • Get children to identify and name materials. They take photos of objects in the classroom directly into Clicker Books, and then talk about them. Set a challenge to find an object made of a different material for each page of their book.
    • Get children to describe the properties of a variety of materials. Include photos in the book so that all children describe the same objects, or get the children to take their own photos, again challenging them to find materials with different properties.
    • Get children to sort and group objects according to physical properties.  Set criteria such as hard and soft /shiny and dull, or get the children to set their own criteria and then take it a step further so that they sort the same objects in different ways. They then take a photo of their grouped objects and record an explanation of their choices and decisions.
    In each of these examples, Clicker Books provides children with an open-ended way of recording and communicating their activities using scientific language. They have (and the teacher has) a record of their work and a great opportunity to share their observations.

    Children sort objects using their own criteria and justify their choices using the record button.

  • "How Do I?" Videos in Support

    Videos are an excellent way to provide both auditory and visual guidance on a subject, with the 90-Second Training videos in our training section proving very popular with customers.

    We have created more videos to demonstrate the answers to questions you may have about using Clicker 6 and the Clicker Apps. These were previously posted on our Facebook page and can now be found within our Support section.

    To access the videos, click Support in the top menu, and then click How do I? for the relevant product.

    Here are some examples for Clicker 6:

    • How do I see when the spellcheck was used?

    • How do I use Word documents with Clicker 6?

    • How do I edit and save a keyboard?

    • How do I use symbols with Clicker?

    • How do I use Click and Edit books?

    • How do I easily alter multiple grids or pages with the master?

    • How do I paint on top of a webcam photo?

    If you have any other questions about using Clicker 6 please do give us a call or send an email to

  • Topic Specific Word Prediction

    Almost every time I give a demonstration of Clicker 6, the part where I show my audience how the word predictor is aware of the vocabulary in the Clicker Set generates lots of excitement, so I thought it would be a useful feature to share here!

    As word prediction tools have evolved over the years, many have allowed direct input of new vocabulary. In principle this is a great idea, but there are two potential disadvantages to this approach: the corpus (which is the body of words that makes up the predictor’s database) can become ‘bloated’ with words and phrases that are rarely needed in the future, and there is also the potential to allow entry of misspelled vocabulary.

    With Clicker 6, the predictor is sensitive (by default) to the words being used in the currently open Clicker Set. Let’s say you had created a word bank on the life of George Washington – any words that are already in the predictor corpus are re-prioritized, and any new words are temporarily added.

    This means that writers can type the first few letters of a word that they know is in the word bank, and have it appear directly into the predictor, thus saving time and retaining their train of thought.

    Next time you create a Clicker Set of your own, try it out for yourself!

    Word prediction is also available in WriteOnline, Clicker Docs, Clicker Books, and the WriteOnline App – and with the same adaptable, topic-specific functionality.

    Topic specific word prediction