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  • Clicker Connect Reviews

    Since its launch earlier this year, a number of people in the education industry have reviewed our Clicker Connect app - I wanted to share two of the most recent reviews with you.

    Teach Primary magazine featured Clicker Connect in their Apps for Education roundup last month. Here is a quick extract from reviewer John Dabell:

    “Writing apps that support literacy development can be a minefield. However, Clicker Connect offers something above and beyond. The app is a triumph because it is based on a simple idea that scaffolds independent writing skills – pupils build sentences by selecting words, phrases and pictures from a grid. It’s brilliant because it kick-starts the writing process, helps children to be creative and gives them a clear sense of achievement.”

    You can read the review in full here.

    Another Clicker Connect review has just been published on the Appy Ladies website. The website is run by a diverse group of special education teachers and parents who have a passion for education apps. Reviewer Marissa Harris thinks that Clicker Connect is an excellent tool for budding writers:

    “Do you need help in fostering the development of independent writing? Clicker Connect is a truly remarkable app to utilize to help teach the writing process. I have been using this with some of my special learners and they are showing great progress and pride with their writing skills! Highly recommended!”

    Marissa’s full review can also be accessed via our website.

    If you’re using Clicker Connect, or any of our other Clicker Apps to support your learners, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear how you have been using it!

  • A Visit to India

    Two weeks ago I traveled to India for a series of meetings with potential resellers, and to visit different schools to get a feel for how technology is used to support teaching and learning there. We have a version of Clicker 6 for India, which uses an Indian English rather than the American English voice, and I wanted to see what reaction teachers had to the software.

    I visited a private school and an international school where the medium of instruction is English and the curricula include the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE). Both schools are K-12 and are well equipped, with every classroom having an interactive whiteboard and computer, and every student in the upper schools using their own laptop in lessons. Students at the elementary school age have access to one or two computers in the classroom, but also visit a computer lab twice a week where the work they do is linked to what they are learning in class (technology integration).

    I also visited a public school, where the medium of instruction is English but the school is situated in an area that is a Hindi-speaking belt. This school is well equipped, but the Principal told me that the challenge she has is how to support English language learning in school (children start to learn English in first grade). At the moment they use a language lab and a speaking and listening syllabus, but they are looking for other resources to extend what the students are doing.

    There has been a lot of information in the media about low-cost tablets for education in India, but the schools I spoke to have no plans to introduce them in their teaching and learning. However, I also met with the founder of an organization with over 100 learning centers across south India that works with children across the economic spectrum. They have not used much technology in the centers because not having a stable power supply is often an issue in large parts of India, but as tablet devices run on battery power, they are looking to pilot Android tablets in 40 centers to see how they can engage learners.

  • More Clicker Connect Sets!

    Hopefully by now, many of you will have seen and had a chance to use our latest App – Clicker Connect. You’ll find lots of great example activities installed with the App itself, but I wanted to let you know that we have recently published another block of Clicker Connect sets on LearningGrids. The activities are all designed to help your students develop their independent writing skills – from simple personal writing, through to activities with a specific focus across a range of curriculum areas such as language arts and science.

    Of course, we will continue to upload more sets regularly, so keep your eye on the website! This means there are lots of ready-made Clicker Connect activities always at your fingertips, saving you precious time, and helping to get you up and running with the App. Perhaps they will inspire you to create your own resources which are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the students in your classroom. I’m sure you’ll agree Clicker Connect is a fantastic addition to the Clicker Apps family!

  • Clicker Connect Competition

    We have been getting some really fantastic feedback on Clicker Connect since its launch at ATIA Orlando. If you’re a fan of our Facebook page, you can enter our latest Facebook competition for a chance to win your very own copy!

    A quick reminder - Clicker Connect enables students to put sentences together by choosing from clusters of words and phrases. Children benefit from Clicker’s clear voice as they work, and teachers can provide additional picture prompts in each cell. As they experience success, students will begin to discover the pleasure of independent writing.

    We have five Clicker Connect codes to give away – to enter, simply ‘like’ our Facebook page (if you haven’t already done so!), visit the competition page before March 31st and complete the entry form. In the meantime, you can find out more about Clicker Connect by visiting our website, where you will also find the new Clicker Connect introduction video we have just published.

  • Clicker Books Outside the Classroom

    This is a really nice idea when studying the local area, for taking full advantage of the ease with which you can add instant photos and sound in Clicker Books.

    On a walk around the local area, get children to create a presentation about the locality. Divide the class into groups, each with its own iPad®. In turn, the children take photos of anything they find interesting – they take the photo with the iPad camera so that is goes directly into Clicker Books and then add the sound button and record a live commentary.

    Add a photo of the children on the front cover and then back in school the presentation is ready to share right away – swipe through the pages and listen to what the children thought and said.