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  • Clicker Books Comes Into Its Own!

    We recently attended the annual special education conference, Closing The Gap, in Minneapolis. It’s a major event on the calendar for Crick Software and for me personally, as I get to meet many, many practitioners, including teachers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists. I really enjoy hearing how our products are being used - and there are plenty of examples!

    One of the stand-outs this year was hearing how Clicker Books has made a real difference to so many children. As a creative book making tool, it does a great job -  children can create their books as you would expect, adding photos, painting pictures, recording their voice, and writing text.

    But what people are really excited about is that with all the supportive features of Clicker included in Clicker Books, children can achieve outstanding results with a high level of independence. Teachers love that all of their children can produce their own talking books.

    Many admitted that initially they hadn’t realized that Clicker Books offers so much. However, as they used it they could see that the way it supports children in their learning is what sets it apart from other book making apps.

    They especially loved that when children read and share their books, all of those supports are hidden away in the background!

    Clicker Books example

    A simple word bank enables the child to write sentences about his dog.

  • Clicker 6 Success Story Video

    We have a fantastic new success story video to share with you!

    West Oaks SEN Specialist School and College in Leeds, UK works with children with a really wide range of learning difficulties. They are using Clicker 6 throughout the school to support their students –

    "Without the arduous task of physically handwriting, our children are able to read and create sentences with real meaning. We can personalize activities with photographs, add symbol support; it’s absolutely perfect for developing this strand of literacy."

    Click here to watch the video and find out more about the impact Clicker is having on learning at West Oaks.

  • SuperKeys – SuperLaunch!

    As I mentioned in my last post, we attended Closing The Gap, a national AT conference which takes place in Minneapolis every October. On the Wednesday evening, we hosted a party for more than 80 guests, at which we announced a brand new addition to our growing family of apps. SuperKeys is a brand new accessible keyboard, designed for users who face challenges accessing the regular onscreen / iOS keyboard.

    We have launched many new products at Closing the Gap over the years, but the reaction to SuperKeys was even more exciting than we had anticipated. Word spread quickly around the conference that we had announced something pretty special (both by word of mouth and Twitter), and on Thursday morning our booth was swamped with delegates asking about our new app. It was really exciting to have 20+ people watching a SuperKeys demonstration while simultaneously accessing the App Store and downloading it on their iPhones and iPads!

    One of the best quotes (that we had time to write down!) came from Dr. Denise Coste, formerly of Montgomery Public Schools (MD) and now a national AT Consultant: “Superkeys is the most innovative alternate access app I've seen in years. Not just for kids with motor disabilities but for aging adults with low vision”.

    To find out more, search for “SuperKeys Assistive Keyboard” in the App Store.