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  • Resources for Printing

    Many of you have had a chance to use our most recent Powered by Clicker 6 Resource – Clicker Foundations for Reading – which we launched this past spring. As I talked about last month, Clicker Foundations is a fantastic resource for emergent readers, developing their understanding of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition.

    As with other Powered by Clicker 6 resources, Clicker Foundations for Reading comes with comprehensive teaching notes. These are designed to guide you through the learning objectives and suggest how to introduce the activities, as well as providing extension ideas for further work. The notes can be found in the Teacher Information sections of the resource (and can also be accessed as a PDF from the CD).

    Many of the extension ideas outlined in the teaching notes suggest the use of pictures and words or phrases that the children have met in the activities. To help make it easy to find and print these, we’ve added them to special Resources for Printing menus (found within the Teacher Information sections). To print, simply click the Print icon on the screen and choose your print options. Of course, you can also print out any of the activities as they appear onscreen – as a record of the completed work or for paper-based activities away from the computer.


    Be sure to check out our Clicker Foundations for Reading web page if you want to find out more about this fantastic series. And don’t forget, you can also print out any of our Clicker 6 LearningGrids sets to make games or activities away from the computer or as a record of achievement.

  • New Webinar Schedule

    We recently posted our new webinar schedule. Whether you are new to Clicker, WriteOnline, and our apps, or a seasoned professional, we have a webinar that is just right for you.

    During the last school year, our webinar series proved to be very popular. Below are some quotes from our attendees:

    “I learned so much! The Education Consultants at Crick are extremely knowledgeable.”

    “It’s great to see Crick Software focusing on using their programs with the Common Core State Standards. The webinars are very focused.”

    “I use Clicker with my students on a daily basis. I’m always amazed at how I pick up a new trick every time I attend one of the Crick webinars.”

    Registration is quick and easy - take a look at the schedule here.

  • Transferring licenses

    At the start of a new school year, it may be necessary to transfer some or all of your software licenses to different computers. Often schools will use this time to decommission older computers or to wipe and reinstall existing ones. Sometimes, there are even new computers to incorporate!

    Clicker 6 and WriteOnline licensing is per computer. Upon installation, the software is activated. Once a license is activated on a particular computer, it remains tied to that computer unless specifically transferred by us. This enables you to reinstall the software on the same computers without needing to transfer the licenses each time.

    However, if you wish to reallocate your licenses to a different set of computers, here is the procedure to follow:

    1. Uninstall Clicker 6/WriteOnline from the original computers

    2. Contact us via phone or email to confirm uninstallation

    3. Supply your registered serial number and the number of licenses to transfer

    4. We can then transfer the licenses on your serial number. This makes them available for use on the next set of computers

    If you have a Site License of Clicker 6 or WriteOnline, you can install the program on any number of computers on your site and therefore do not need to worry about transferring licenses.

    We are happy to help with any questions regarding licensing:


    UK Phone: 01604 671691

    US Phone: 203 221 2697

  • We have been busy over the summer creating more resources for our LearningGrids site. Since school is starting up again, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to make the most of Clicker 6, WriteOnline, and our apps.

    While discussing summer vacations and back to school events, why not use these topics with activities that support literacy at the same time?

    Clicker 6:

    School Day Sentences

    Traveling to School – Read

    My Summer Vacation – Write

    Beach Vacation Brochure


    Summer Vacation A-Z

    Summer Haiku

    You will also find free resources for the Clicker Apps when accessing LearningGrids from your iPads. Here are a couple to look out for - Clicker Sentences ‘Getting Ready for School’ and ‘A Day at School’. In Clicker Docs keep an eye open for ‘Beach A-Z’ and ‘Beach Words’.

    If you want to find out more about our literacy support programs, please contact us.