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How can I share my DocsPlus files?

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Error: "...not allowed in this type of session"

When clicking an app's Add to Chrome button in the Chrome Web Store, you receive this error message:
<app name> is not allowed in this type of session


This happens if you're using a managed guest session instead of being signed into the Chromebook with a Google account.

A managed guest session lets someone use a Chromebook without signing into a Google account. It can be thought of as a universal guest account with no password. During a managed guest session, a red Exit session button usually displays in the bottom-right corner.

Our apps are full packaged apps rather than basic kiosk apps. Therefore, Chrome OS prevents them being installed during a managed guest session because it knows they won't work.

To install our apps, exit the managed guest session, sign into the Chromebook with a Google account, and then try again.

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October 8, 2018
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