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03 Build sentences

Enable developing writers, struggling writers, and English language learners to take their first steps toward independent writing.

A perfect ‘next step’ for Clicker Sentences users, Clicker Connect provides students with clusters of words, phrases, and/or pictures to help them build a coherent piece of text.

Designed with the classroom in mind, Clicker Connect includes the Sassoon font, a lower case keyboard, and many other child-friendly features to create an accessible and engaging environment for students to work in.

"The clean layout of this app, similarity to familiar features of Clicker Sentences, many customization options, integrated clip art library, and numerous sharing options make this app both easy and exciting to use."

Bridging Apps

Develop independent writing skills

02 Develop independent writing skills

Enhance understanding with pictures

03 Add pictures to writing

Clicker Connect SymbolStix is also available - providing learners with extensive symbol support. The vast range of symbols offers vital support for students with a variety of learning needs; enable them to build confidence, develop greater academic independence, and better understand and use given information.

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Personalized support for every student

It’s quick and easy to set up a sequence of grids for your students, arranging words and phrases into clusters as you go. Clicker Connect provides an extensive range of additional support options to suit students of all abilities:

  • Color-code words or phrases to emphasize sentence structure
  • Use Guided Order to ensure students work from left to right
  • Enlarge cells for extra clarity
04 Personalised support
05US Personalized support
06US Personalized support

Hundreds of free resources at your fingertips

07 Free learning resources

Share resources and work your way

08 Share resources and work

Accessible for all

To make access easier for those with physical challenges, the unique SuperKeys option makes words easy to target. Tap anywhere within a word cluster to enlarge it, and then tap the word you want. The keyboard works in the same way, with the keys grouped into just six large clusters that fill the keyboard area when expanded.

09 Accessible for all
10 Accessible for all

SuperKeys can also be set up to work with Switch Access on the iPad. To find out how to do this, download our PDF guide.

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Access Clicker anytime, anywhere

Get consistent literacy support across your school by investing for all your devices. Connect Sets and Documents you create on your iPad are fully compatible with Clicker 7 on Win/Mac and with Clicker Connect on Chromebook.

12 Access anywhere
11 Consistent literacy support

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