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01 Book creation tool

Clicker Books is an engaging book creation tool suitable for elementary school students across the ability spectrum.

What really sets Clicker Books apart from other book making apps is the customizable reading and writing support it offers, which empowers children of all abilities to independently demonstrate their knowledge of a particular subject or put together their very own storybook. Clicker Books is particularly effective when used to support children with dyslexia and struggling spellers.

Designed with the classroom in mind, Clicker Books includes the Sassoon font, a lower case keyboard, and many other child-friendly features to create an accessible and engaging environment for students to work in.

"This app gives children a structure to work within but also enough flexibility to produce personalized books. Clicker’s trump card is the inclusion of the word bank tool to support learners further. I would certainly recommend Clicker Books for use across the whole curriculum."

Mike Elliott, Teacher and Technology Specialist

Child-friendly book making

02 Child-friendly book making

Customizable writing support

03 Writing support

Flexible illustration tools

04 Flexible illustration tools

Opportunities to listen and record

05 Listen and record written work

Teacher-friendly tools

06 Teacher-friendly tools

Provide additional support with model sentences

It’s so easy to differentiate the support offered in each sentence building activity, enabling every student to achieve writing success.

07 Free learning resources
08 Free learning resources
09 Free learning resources

As a first step, display the completed sentence as a model on the grid to copy. Next, add the model in the form of a pop-up – children can see the sentence, but must close the pop-up before they can continue. With an auditory model, children must listen carefully before writing. You can even create a guided-order activity, perfect for reinforcing left-to-right directionality.

Share resources and work your way

10 Share files

Access Clicker anytime, anywhere

Get consistent literacy support across your school by investing for all your devices. Clicker Books you create on your iPad are fully compatible with Clicker 7 on Win/Mac.

11 Consistent literacy support
12 Consistent literacy support

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