Clicker Apps

Combining classic Clicker support features with the latest classroom technology, our Clicker Apps give your learners access to proven literacy support tools developed specifically for Chromebooks.

Literacy support for Chromebook

Each Clicker App focuses on one key aspect of Clicker 7 and has a child-friendly interface perfectly suited to learners across the elementary age range.

01 Sentence building
Clicker Sentences App Icon

Clicker Sentences

Create differentiated sentence building activities for your students in seconds.

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01 Independent writing
Clicker Connect App Icon

Clicker Connect

Connect words and phrases to build sentences and compose coherent text.

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Clicker Connect

Connect words and phrases to build sentences with extensive symbol support.

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Clicker Docs App Icon

Clicker Docs

Transform your Chromebook into a portable elementary word processor.

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Which apps do I need?

Which apps do I need?