Supporting your school through COVID and beyond


remote learning

Be 'remote learning ready'

During lockdown, we made Clicker 8 and the Clicker Apps freely available to any students affected by school closures to support remote learning. Schools across the US requested access and found the software played a vital role in their remote learning strategies:

  • For the thousands of students who experience barriers to literacy and would normally receive additional support in the classroom (from teaching assistants or assistive tech), Clicker enabled them to access curriculum tasks at home independently and achieve success.
  • The flexibility of being able to access the program on Windows, Mac, iPad and Chromebook meant students were much more likely to have a compatible piece of hardware in their home setting.
  • As Clicker includes thousands of differentiated curriculum resources with built-in reading and writing support, teachers were able to remotely cater to the wide variety of needs within their cohort in a time-efficient and inclusive way.

Now, hundreds of schools are investing in our Clicker Site License to ensure that every student has an accessible home learning experience if they need to self-isolate or shield.

“Our nine-year-old son with additional needs, ASD and learning difficulties hates writing due to his writing being messy; it taking him ages, and his hand getting sore. Clicker 8 has been a godsend both at school and at home.”

bridge the learning gap

Bridge the learning gap

Many schools have found that the learning gap has widened even further during lockdown, particularly for those with special educational needs.

If you’re looking for effective ways to invest your COVID-19 Relief Funding, Clicker will enable you to:

  • View rich data on each child’s writing process to identify the best next steps and supports to help them progress.
  • Revisit and consolidate topic knowledge with mind maps and talking books.
  • Create low stakes testing activities that are accessible for all with Clicker Cloze.
  • Give struggling and reluctant writers the tools they need to work more independently across the curriculum, including speech feedback, audio notes, writing scaffolds, predictive text, picture support, and so much more!
  • Help students regain their confidence in a non-threatening and inclusive learning environment.

support recovery

Support student recovery

Of course, it’s not just about lost learning. We want children to be happy, feel safe and be engaged in their learning as they return to school life. We are all striving to support children emotionally while also addressing gaps in their learning.

  • Help children to explore and open up about how they are feeling with our emotions and feelings resources.
  • Re-establish routines and nurture connections between home and school by celebrating all that they have achieved over the past few months with our Diary and Photo Album activities.
  • Build in lots of opportunities to ‘learn about learning’ again with our Clicker Board mind-mapping tool – fantastic for developing planning, analysis, organizational and reflective skills.
  • Get children collaborating on story boards, mind maps, talk about activities, hot seating, and other inclusive peer-to-peer learning tasks.

Find out more

Our Clicker experts are standing by ready to provide you with a free online demonstration so that you can see for yourself how Clicker will support teaching and learning during COVID, and beyond.

Visit our online booking system to select the date and time that works best for you. Alternatively, please give us a call on 203 221 2697 or send an email over to to speak directly with our friendly team!