LearningGrids is an ever-growing bank of free, ready-made Clicker resources that will save you hours of lesson preparation time! Created by our team of experienced teachers, choose from thousands of engaging activities and grids covering a wide range of curriculum topics.

“From a teaching perspective, Clicker is also reducing the time needed to create resources. We don’t have to go hunting for pictures or curriculum topic words, or information books; it’s all here in Clicker and quick to use.”Julie Tipping, Garnock Community School

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Designed to support the elementary curriculum

You’ll find a wide variety of Clicker writing, reading, matching, sorting, sequencing, speaking and listening activities aligned to curriculum topics, themes and objectives. Whether you’re looking for keywords about Ancient Egypt, a talking book about Coastal Landforms, or a labeling activity on parts of a plant, we have a fantastic Clicker resource for you!

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Provide inclusive lesson content

LearningGrids resources can be easily and quickly modified – enabling a group of children to work on exactly the same resource, but with differing levels of support. We also group linked resources together, allowing children entry to an activity level appropriate for them. For some, it may be a sentence building activity, while more independent writers can access a keyword bank on the same topic.

Access premium Clicker resources

New for Clicker 8, LearningGrids now includes hundreds of new activities taken from our professionally-made ‘Powered by Clicker’ add-on titles. This includes the award-winning Find Out & Write About non-fiction series for teaching comprehension and independent research skills; the Planet Wobble talking books for struggling readers; our Clicker Tales traditional stories for Early Years, and our New To English language-learning resources for English language learners.

You can find out more about the incredible range of free content on offer as part of your Clicker license by visiting www.learninggrids.com