DocsPlus Universal for Windows / Mac

For subscriptions purchased after November 2020.



First, you’ll need to register your licenses and choose a password for your account.

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Next, activate your licenses so that they will be ready to install.

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Find out how to install the software on your Windows and Mac devices.

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managing licenses-alt

Manage licenses

Find out how to monitor, allocate and transfer licenses to different devices.

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Contact support

Contact our support team here if you run into any technical issues.

How can I share my DocsPlus files?

You'd like to share your DocsPlus files between devices or send them to other people.

Lost serial number

You can’t find your serial number.


Please contact Support and fill out the form.

If your serial number has been registered, we can use the details you provide to search the registration database.

If your serial number isn't registered, it may be possible for us to locate it using a different method. However, this is not guaranteed, so the software may need to be purchased again.

partial serial number

If the software is still installed on another computer of yours:

  1. Launch the software.
  2. In the Help ribbon tab, click About...
  3. Note the partial serial number displayed.
  4. Include it when contacting Support.

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