Install DocsPlus Universal for Mac

To install DocsPlus on your Mac computer, you will need to get your serial number, download the installer and then you can install on a standalone computer or across the network.

Get your serial number


Download the installer

  1. You will be taken to the Get Started tab.

  2. Select the appropriate installer according to your device type and country.

Run the installer

  1. In the DocsPlus Installer window, double-click on DocsPlus Installer file and click Open if prompted.

Standalone installation

These instructions are for standalone installations only, click here for network installation.

  1. Follow the listed steps.
  1. DocsPlus will create a folder on the computer to be the Home location (the default when opening / saving files). If a cloud storage app is installed that you’d prefer to use, select it when prompted (this can be changed later).
  1. Leave Activate DocsPlus automatically enabled.

  2. Answer OK to any permission requests that appear.

Network installation

We recommend uninstalling all old DocsPlus versions first.

  1. Open the downloaded DMG file. In the DocsPlus Installer drive that appears in Finder, double-click the DocsPlus Installer file inside.

  2. Choose Install to computers on the network and click Install.

  3. Provide your 20-character serial number.

  4. Specify the Home location (the default when opening / saving files in DocsPlus).

    If a cloud storage app is installed, you can select it here.

    Alternatively, select Network share. Click beneath it, click Choose, and then browse to a network share that users have read / write access to.

    The Home location can be changed by the user after installation.

  5. Specify a location for your unique client package to be generated.

  6. Agree to the license agreement and then click Install.

  7. When the network setup finishes, a DocsPlus Client.dmg will be generated at your specified location. You can then do one of the following:

    • On each Mac client, browse to the DocsPlus Client.dmg, double-click it, and then run the DocsPlus Installer.pkg inside.

    • Install via command line, such as:
      sudo installer -pkg /path/to/DocsPlus\ Installer.pkg -target /

    • Deploy the DocsPlus Installer.pkg to clients via Apple Remote Desktop or similar.

Installation guide

    Installation and management guide
    DocsPlus for Windows/Mac
    Last modified
    24th May 2023
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