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DocsPlus: computer reader for exams

Dr Abi James, Research Fellow and consultant, has reviewed DocsPlus.

"As with all Crick’s products it offers a range of tools to help pupils who need additional support, including text to speech, Wordbars and a talking spell checker. DocsPlus’ accessibility settings cater for a variety of access needs (for example switch access, eye gaze or on-screen keyboard) while the display preferences enable you to choose font and background colours, as well as select pre-configured high contrast modes."

Teach Secondary

Teach Secondary

Reviewer John Dabell gives his verdict on DocsPlus.

"...a super-intelligent ‘features galore’ word processing system that addresses a variety of learning needs, enabling students to think, act and engage with their writing autonomously, so they can learn with confidence."

Here's a new DocsPlus review from

"Overall it is just what you would expect from Crick, a very inclusive, well thought out resource with the flexibility to provide valuable support for students with a diverse range of learning needs. The other thing you expect from Crick is fresh ideas with every new product. They never disappoint."

DocsPlus - Carol Allen review

DocsPlus – ‘a rich toolbox of support’ for students with barriers to literacy

Carol Allen is an Education Advisor specialising in ICT and Inclusion, having taught in both mainstream schools and schools for students with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties. Here are her thoughts on DocsPlus.

"DocsPlus offers independence as a reader and writer. It offers scaffolded support which can be tailored to individual need AND that can cater for a flexible learning approach, whereby more support features are needed for some projects and fewer at other times. Most importantly, it offers control and success. Students are able to take control of their own learning and require less intervention from other adults or peers."

DocsPlus 2017 - Special Children

Special Children

John Galloway, an ICT and SEN Consultant for Tower Hamlets, has reviewed DocsPlus for Special Children Magazine.

"DocsPlus is definitely a more grown-up version of everything Crick does, this program is very inclusive – as useful and useable for those without SEND as it is for those with a very broad range of challenges."

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