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Fresh, inclusive and a true wordsmith – 'DocsPlus'

John Galloway checks out a truly inclusive literacy tool for all – 'DocsPlus' from Crick Software:

"...The basic interface is a stripped-down word processor, trimmed of all the stuff school students (and, to be honest, many of the rest of us too) will never use. It is this starting point that makes it so inclusive: anyone can use it, whether they have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) or not. But if they do find getting their ideas down challenging there are a host of ways in which support can be given.

Overall it is just what you would expect from Crick, a very inclusive, well thought out resource with the flexibility to provide valuable support for students with a diverse range of learning needs. The other thing you expect from Crick is fresh ideas with every new product. They never disappoint."

You can read the full review here.