Get started quickly

The three ready-made Vocabulary Sets use consistent layouts and standard colour-coding to optimise motor-mapping and enable children to progress from one level to the next.

All three Vocabulary Sets have the same topics, and all are navigated in the same way through a clear, consistent structure.

01UK Ready-made vocabulary sets

The Clicker Core 1 Vocabulary Set is for simple communication and is more phrase-based than Clicker Core 2 and 3, while still offering core words. It uses a 6 x 4 layout.

02UK Ready-made vocabulary sets

The Clicker Core 2 Vocabulary Set uses a 7 x 5 layout, enabling pupils to build a greater variety of messages, and providing one-touch access to Chat, Actions, Describe and Small Words from every grid.

03UK Ready-made vocabulary sets

Clicker Core 3 is a 9 x 6 Vocabulary Set and provides the most comprehensive vocabulary. It also offers direct access to the keyboard from every grid, in addition to Chat, Actions, Describe and Small Words.

Which Vocabulary Set should you use?

Even if you want a simple vocabulary, consider using Clicker Core 2 or 3, because you’ll have space to add content without creating more grids.  You can simplify them by hiding some of the cells, and SuperKeys makes all the sets accessible for users with motor difficulties.