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DocsPlus - Carol Allen review

Clicker Communicator: beyond the core!

Carol Allen, an Education Advisor specialising in ICT and Inclusion, has written a post that explores the challenges children with limited communication face. AAC support can open many doors for these children - something we take pride in doing with our app Clicker Communicator. Here, Carol gives us her verdict on Communicator, and discusses how it can go beyond the curriculum.

"There is a portable voice, with immediate access to unrestricted core vocabulary and grids of topic-based or fringe vocabulary options - what more could we want?"

01 Bridge college

Nicola Saadati

Nicola is a Speech and Language Therapist at Bridge College, a specialist college for 16-25 year olds with disabilities, complex needs and autism. Nicola shares one particular student's fantastic Clicker Communicator success story. 

"One of the key benefits I've noticed since he started using Communicator is how quickly and easily he can react to new scenarios and conversations as they happen, just adding in new vocab 'on the fly'...He enjoys using the app and has really taken ownership of it."

02 Lesley

Lesley McGilligan

Lesley McGilligan is an SLP and Augmentative Communication Specialist in St. Louis, Missouri. She learned about Clicker Communicator through a webinar with Crick Software and instantly saw how the free resources on LearningGrids could have a positive impact on communication in the classroom.

“The student was able to participate in a shape describing activity with her peers, and afterwards the classroom teacher commented on how well she did making her statements quickly with fewer prompts from staff. As AAC practitioners, we need to remember that while having access to robust core vocabulary is very important, so is being able to say what you need to say quickly and efficiently, particularly in general education classes where the topics are specific and the pace is quick.”

03 Kristin

Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith is an Occupational Therapist in Illinois who was initially drawn to Clicker Communicator for its clear layout and Core Vocabulary Sets. But, it is the ease of editing that keeps Kristin recommending this app over and over again. 

"We tend to make assumptions with students who are nonverbal. We assume what they are capable of, but we really need to let them try different apps and programs to see what they really can do. Each child is so different and unique. Sometimes we think an app will work and it doesn’t. Other times we think an app is too advanced but then the student starts using it and blossoms. Clicker Communicator is helping my students blossom!”

04UK Special Children

Special Children review

Advisory teacher Kathryn Stowell shares her thoughts on Clicker Communicator in the latest edition of Special Children magazine.

"The feedback from teachers, family and users has been excellent. I recently
spent a morning observing Jack in class and it was good to see him take part
in discussions on the same level as his peers....the app has had a huge
impact on his confidence."

05 Amanda

Amanda Mikulsky

Amanda Mikulsky is an Occupational Therapist in Wisconsin, USA. Since purchasing Clicker Communicator she and her coworkers have fallen in love with the simplicity of the app and the way that it has increased student participation in school.

"Clicker Communicator is allowing teachers and parents to unlock what is in these children’s heads. They are finally able to tell us about their day and about their inner thoughts. They have all of these wonderful thoughts; we just needed Clicker Communicator to unlock them."

06 Joyoutsidethebox

Joyoutsidethebox review

Audra Vanderland is a special education teacher and mum of a child with speech and language difficulties. She reviews Clicker Communicator for her blog 'joyoutsidethebox'. 

"SuperKeys makes this one of the very best apps out there for children with more significant visual and/or motor opens up the whole world as her maximum vocabulary size has tripled"

07 iMums

The iMums review

Jill Goodman reviews Clicker Communicator. Jill is an attorney and special education advocate. She is the mother of 10 year old boy twins one of whom has autism. 

"Adding vocabulary and new page sets is where Clicker Communicator really shines. The existing learning grids serve as templates for parents and teachers to create their own content. Virtually everything is customizable from number of rows and columns to background color. The to die for feature is the ability to add multiple items simply by separating them with a comma. If you can type 75 words a minute then you can create pages of animals in literally a minute. Pictures automatically populate too. ONE MINUTE...."