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Clicker 7 Examples

We are all so excited about the launch of Clicker 7 – and are sure you will be too! While it is even easier than ever to create your own activities with Clicker 7, the curriculum team has been busy developing resources for you to use with your pupils.

Clicker 7 comes installed with 40 Example Sets covering a range of subject areas, ages and resource types. The Examples are organised by age group, each focussing on a different topic area. There are wonderful fiction and non-fiction Clicker Books, including A Perfect Pet, Barney’s Colourful House and The Water Cycle.

Clicker Books - A Perfect Pet

The Clicker Books are complemented by Sentence, Connect, Talk and Matching Sets, as well as Word Banks and Clicker Boards. Pupils can write about the water cycle using the Word Bank Set, Stages of the Water Cycle, demonstrate their colour knowledge with Match the Colours, or retell the process of making chocolate with the Talk Set, From Beans to Bar.

Stages of the Water Cycle and From Beans to Bar

With Clicker 7’s new tool Clicker Board, pupils can create mind maps, complete story boards or organise their ideas, with sets such as Our Favourite Colours, A Day with My Perfect Pet, Food Source – Plant or Animal and Water Mind Maps.       

A Day with My Perfect Pet and Water Mind Maps

The Examples include many more fantastic resources including Clicker 7 Custom Sets such as Pets Fact File, Colour Sorting and Parts of Plants We Eat. You can personalise any of the Examples to match the individual needs of your pupils or the specific learning objectives for your class.

 Pets Fact File and Colour Sorting

Make sure you visit LearningGrids for more Clicker 7 activities. There are already over 600 resources to use with your pupils – and we are adding more regularly! 

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