Talk Sets

What you learned: printable summary

Create a Talk Set

Create an activity to support children who struggle to express themselves in written form:

  • In the Clicker Set ribbon, click New.
  • Choose Talk Set from the More tab.
  • Give your activity a title.
  • Pick which type of activity you want to create using the drop-down box; Listen & Say, Talk About or Tell the Story.
  • Click Add Pictures… to search for pictures to add to your activity.
  • Click Go to use the Talk Set.
  • In the Clicker Set ribbon, click Save to save your activity.
Edit a Talk Set

Edit a Talk Set to provide support or challenge for learners:

  • Check the Show Text checkbox to add the name of the picture to the set.
  • Choose from the Recordings drop-down box to change the number of recordings you can make for each picture.
  • Choose from the color palette to change the color of the pages.