Create and edit a Connect Set

What you learned: printable summary

Create grids to scaffold writing tasks for developing and struggling writers:

  • In the Clicker Set ribbon, click New.
  • Choose Connect Set from the Writing Grids.
  • Select a cluster and type in the content box to add text to your grid.
  • Add brackets or parentheses around words to group them in a cell.
  • Move between grids in the sidebar to the left.
  • Click Go to use the Connect Set.
  • In the Clicker Set ribbon, click Save to save your activity.
edit a connect set R9

Edit a Connect Set to provide more support for children when completing their writing:

  • Click Edit Clicker Set in the bottom-left of the screen to enter Edit View.
  • Select a cell or a cluster to change its appearance or add pictures.
  • Click  add  to add a new cell or cluster. Click  delete  to delete a cell or cluster.
  • Click and drag the red handles to resize a cluster.
  • Open the color palette to change the color of a grid, cluster, or cell.
  • Click  picture icon  to Picturize a grid or a cluster.
  • Toggle Maximize Height to increase the size of the cells in a cluster.
  • Select Place first cluster along the top to move the first cluster of cells to the top of the grid.
  • Click  add  in the sidebar to add a new grid to your set or duplicate your current grid.