Create and edit a Cloze Document

What you learned: printable summary

Cloze Document 1

Create a fill-in-the-blanks activity using any text:

  • In the Document ribbon, click the arrow next to the New Document icon, then choose New Cloze Document.
  • Enter a title in the Title box.
  • Type or paste text into the text box as a base for your cloze activity.
  • Remove words:
    • Highlight a word or phrase of up to three words and click Remove Selected OR
    • Use Express Remove to remove words at a regular frequency, or words that share a letter pattern.
  • Click Go to use the Cloze activity.
Cloze document 2

Edit a Cloze Document to provide different levels of support for students completing the activity:

  • Click insert picture to add a picture.
  • Change the Suggestions options to limit the number of words offered at a time, to offer custom suggestions, or to turn Suggestions off.
  • Change the Size options to change the size of the blanks that are displayed.
  • Click Security… to add a password to your Cloze Document.
  • Click Print Worksheet… to print the Cloze Document with Suggestions displayed beneath it.