Create and edit a Clicker Book

What you learned: printable summary

PWA Clicker Books 1

Create on-screen talking books:

  • Select and choose New Clicker Book.
  • Add Page Objects to build your Clicker Book:
    • Select books_textbox to add a text box. Select the text box to add text.
    • Select books_picturebox to add a picture box. Select the picture box and then choose from the options to add an image.
    • Select books_readbutton to add a read button.
    • Select books_soundbutton to add a record & play button.
  • Select go to use the Clicker Book.
PWA Clicker Books 2-3 combined

Edit a Clicker Book to change the properties:

  • Select a Page Object to edit it:
    • Resize a Page Object by dragging the sides or corners.
    • Drag from the center of the Page Object to reposition it.
    • Use books_settings to edit its properties.
    • Use books_colour to change its colors. If no Page Object is selected, books_colour changes the background color of the page.
    • Use books_delete to delete a Page Object.
  • Go to books_add_page to add a new page.
  • Go to books_pagesorter to open the Page Sorter:
    • Drag pages to rearrange your book.
    • Select books_add_page to add a new page.
    • Choose ‘Select’ to change page settings.
    • Go to books_duplicate to duplicate a page.
    • Go to books_delete to delete a page.
    • Go to books_settings to change page layout and lock Page Objects.
    • Select ‘Done’ when you’ve finished making changes.
    • Select a page to open it for further editing.