A personalized training session for your school will quickly get your staff confident about using the software.

With plenty of time for questions, your trainer will ensure you get to know not only how the software works, but also the best opportunities to use it across the curriculum to support learning, and you will leave the session having created relevant resources to use with your students immediately.

As every school is different, we are happy to discuss your needs in advance of the session and tailor the content accordingly.

A personalized online training session provides 90 minutes of online training customized for your school’s needs. The trainer will guide staff through key features as discussed prior to the training. Throughout the session we will explore a range of free ready-made resources and staff will have opportunities to ask questions. This session will be recorded for you for future use.

A half-day online training package provides 3 hours of personalized training which can be split across multiple sessions. The first session provides an introduction to the writing support and free resources in the software. Further sessions follow up tasks set by the trainer and focus on supporting the specific needs in your school. All sessions will be recorded for you too for future use.

A half-day in-school training package entitles you to a 2.5-hour training session with an expert in your school. They will guide staff through the software providing opportunities to have a go and ask questions.

The ongoing training package provides regular opportunities for staff development. It provides six hours of online training, split equally throughout your subscription. Each training session is personalized for your requirements and recorded for any staff unable to attend on the day. The content of these sessions is flexible; you could use them to ensure new staff are able to use the software effectively, focus on different features, or how to use our software on any new devices in your school.

To reserve a date for your training, or to find out more, simply call 203 221 2697 or email training@cricksoft.com.

Please see our terms and conditions.

After booking your training, please follow these training checklists to check that your software is working correctly, so you can make full use of your session! 

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