Use the DocReader

What you learned: printable summary

open document

Open a document in the DocReader for support accessing text:

  • In the Smart Tab ribbon, click New.
  • Select the DocReader tab and click Open a PDF or DOCX file.
  • Navigate to the document you want to open in the file explorer. The file must be a PDF or DOCX file type.

Navigate the document in the DocReader and use speech to hear the text:

  • Highlight a section of text and click  doc-reader-speech  to hear it.
  • Use the arrows at the top of the screen or scroll to move between pages.
  • Click  split-view  to use split view. This allows you to view both the DocReader and the Document at the same time. Click it again to return to the full-page view.
  • Adjust the page view with  page-view  .
  • If using an editable PDF, click the textboxes highlighted in purple to type. Click  predictor  to access the Predictor.
  • Click  save-document  to save changes to an editable PDF.