Get Started

  1. Introduction

  2. Reading

  3. Planning

  4. Writing

  5. Free Resources

What you learned: printable summary


Hear text in PDFs or Microsoft Word documents read out:

  • Go to  file-explorer  . Navigate to the document you want to open. The file must be a PDF or Microsoft Word file type.
  • Highlight a section of text and go to  doc-reader-speech  to hear it.

Use DocsPlus to plan out your ideas and prepare for writing:

  • Use WorkSpace to plan out ideas visually:
    • Go to  new-smart-tab  in the Smart Tab ribbon and go to the Planning Boards tab to choose a template.
    • Click a cell and type to add your ideas.
    • Add Voice Notes to organise your initial ideas and key information:
      • Go to  new-object  and drag  WS Voice Note  onto the WorkSpace to add a Voice Note.

      • Double-click it to open the sound recorder. Select  record-voice-note  to start and end your recording then choose Done.

      • Click  Completed VN  to hear your recordings.
  • Voice Notes are also available in the Document. Select  speech-recorder  to create a new Voice Note in the Document:
    • Click  record-voice-note  to start and end your recording then choose Done.
    • Completed Voice Notes appear as a speech bubble to the left of the Document. Click a Voice Note to listen to your recording.

Use the tools and resources available in the Document to support writing:

  • Use the Predictor for writing and spelling support:
    • Select  predictor  to turn on the Predictor.
    • Choose from the words offered to add them to the Document.
  • Use Wordbars for a selection of subject-specific vocabulary:
    • Choose words or phrases from the Wordbar to add them to your Document.
  • Use the Spell Check to make corrections to your writing:
    • Right-click a misspelt word to open the Spell Check.
    • Choose from the words offered by the Spell Check to make corrections.
  • Speech feedback supports proof-reading your work:
    • Enter a full stop to hear your sentence.
    • Select  speech  with the text cursor -  cursor  - at the bottom of your page to hear your work.
Free Resources

LearningGrids is an ever-expanding bank of free pre-made DocsPlus resources to support writing across different subject areas:

  • Select  file-explorer  then choose LearningGrids to browse these resources.
  • Click Open on any resource to use it immediately.