Create and edit a Wordbar

What you learned: printable summary

create a Wordbar

Create grids to support a student's writing using more difficult vocabulary:

  • In the Smart Tab ribbon, click New.
  • Choose whether to sort vocabulary into topic tabs or alphabetical tabs or create a writing frame.
  • Type or paste text into the text box to make your Wordbar. Choose how many common words you want to filter out with the drop-down box. Click OK to create your Wordbar.
  • Add brackets around words to group them in a cell.
  • Click Go to use your Wordbar.
  • In the Smart Tab ribbon, click Save to save your Wordbar.

Edit a Wordbar to provide different levels of support for students:

  • In the Smart Tab ribbon, click Edit to open Edit View.
  • Add or delete vocabulary offered in a grid by typing in the 'Words' text box.
  • Click the 'Order' drop-down box to change the order cells appear in the grid.
  • Change the Cells setting from 'Standard' to 'Maximise Height' or '1st Cell Across Top' to change the appearance of cells in the grid.
  • Click the Columns drop-down box to change the number of columns on a grid.
  • Choose from the colour palette to change the colour of a grid.
  • Select a cell to change its appearance or add other text to the Document when the cell is selected.
  • Click Add to create a new grid.
  • Click Add Text to create multiple grids.
  • Click and drag grids in the sidebar to reorder them.