Use the DocReader

What you learned: printable summary

Use the DocReader 1

Open a PDF in the DocReader for support accessing text:

  • Go to  Folder  and select My Files. Navigate to the document you want to open. The file must be a PDF file type.
  • It will open in the DocReader tab.
Use the DocReader 2

Navigate the document in the DocReader and use speech to hear the text:

  • Highlight a section of text and go to  Sound - DR  to hear it.
  • Use the arrows in the top-right of the screen to move between pages.
  • Swap between the Document and the DocReader with the tabs at the top of the screen.
  • Adjust the page view with  View button  .
  • If using an editable PDF, select the textboxes highlighted in purple to type. Select  Predictor  to access the Predictor.
  • Click  Menu  and choose Save As to save changes to an editable PDF.